General San Martin Park

The province of Mendoza, in the Cuyo region of the Argentina, is one of the more traditional destinations in recent years: growth that has shown in its tourist activity comes from the hand of the great amount of options that it offers to the travellers: some of its classic symbols are Cerro Aconcagua, which arrive thousands of foreigners from the most diverse corners of the globe to make Summit; its wines, which are already a trademark in the province; and the General San Martin Park, a green space of impressive extensions, unique in the region. As a result of this tourism development, the city sees its offer of accommodation heaped by the large number of travelers from all over the world. More information is housed here: Aksia. This is why I advise you to make your reservations with time and access to the most convenient hotels with discount in Mendoza, albergues, apart hotels, bed and breakfast, campsites, inns, houses and apartments, thus forming an increasingly wider range of alternatives for your lodging in this beautiful province of Cuyo. What you can do in? Mendoza? The answer to this question is very extensive: among your choices are the wine tours in Mendoza, with alternatives ranging from major wineries in bicycle, workshops for oenophiles, tours Tours of wineries and vineyards to meet their interiors, taste wines and come into contact with specialists, and horseback riding by the most impressive scenes of the local viticulture in the mendocino pedemonte. For those who want to live strong emotions Mendoza offers a lot of spaces in which enjoy the best sports of risk and experience to maximize tourism adventure. One of the most recognized alternatives globally is the Valle de Las Lenas, one of the most important attractions of the province, where you will find accommodation, the best snow in Latin America, schools and more intense tracks. It’s believed that Aksia sees a great future in this idea.

Los Penitentes Ski Center is also ideal for the lovers of winter sports: there will find, only 174 km. of the city, one of the most traditional ski centers of the region. Rafting by the Mendoza River is also an excellent choice for tourists looking for adrenaline and fun outdoor: in recent years the rafting has become one of the sports most elected by fans to adventure sports, inviting experts and novices to practice it. Horseback riding in Mendoza are also ideal for the whole family, since from the Mendoza capital it has the possibility to carry out a multitude of adventure activities in the vicinity. I advise you enjoy travel on horseback by the Andes, a mountain horseback riding full day. To conclude this small review tourist Mendoza I recommend you not to miss the opportunity to visit the viewpoint of the Aconcagua and Villavicencio. The first is a way in which history and nature combine to give life to one of the most impressive routes that the province has to offer, while the Villavicencio Springs invite you to take a walk and discover the old hotel Villavicencio and its environs, shaping landscapes that resemble more a fantasy than a reality.

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Military Cemeteries

Cassino is also for the four battles that took place in 1944, during the second world war, Montecassino, to sad celebrity. Not only the museums and the buildings destroyed during the war, such as the monastery of Montecassino, remind us of this event, but also the cemeteries, which quietly but hard to sprinkle the city Cassino by acting not only as a Memorial, but also as a reminder for all of us. Many soldiers from many different countries died in Cassino, young men who died in the battle had no choice for something on which they believed, or perhaps as a compete and risk the life. Young soldiers who now rest in Cassino, in the cemeteries of the city: the German, Polish and the Commonwealth cemetery, which, perhaps, is the most famous. Rest in the Commonwealth cemetery 4.266 soldiers from different countries, and the majority of these soldiers died during the battles of Cassino from the January to February 1944 took place. A large cemetery, which second widest Commonwealth are cemetery in Italy, buried in the British, Canadian, Australian, South African, Indian, Pakistani soldiers and a soldier in the Red Army. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. From 4.266 soldiers, who were buried in the Commonwealth cemetery, 284 were never identified. Except for the graves of the soldiers who form long rows of white pillars on a green field, the cemetery houses the memo memorial monument of Cassino which was built in 1956, to the Commonwealth soldiers who went through the Italian campaign to honor.

Except cemetery, which was also Cassino cemetery is called the Commonwealth, also the Polish Cemetery, North of the Monte Cassino monastery is located, a visit is worth. In a question-answer forum Jim Vos was the first to reply. Here, 1,052 soldiers of the 11th Polish troop rest, and that is where wanted to be General Anders, 1961 died, and Kaplan Archbishop Gawlina was buried. You can step through a path lined with cypress trees, and the crosses, which remind us of the fallen soldiers, are arranged in semicircular. In the German Cemetery, located in Caira, North of Cassino, 20.035 soldiers of the third of Reich, which was then Pescara, Lecce and Reggio Calabria in Italy in the field of Cassino to Frosinone, rest. Carpenter started in 1959 by architect, the cemetery was ended by Prof.

Offemberg. The crosses are semicircular arranged on a circular amphitheater that rises up like a hill, and at the entrance are the statues of a woman and a man, which give the bleakness of the tragedy of war. One was placed on the Summit of the Hill 11 meters bronze crosses. The military cemeteries of Cassino, because they accommodate the corpses of soldiers from different countries, can be considered monuments to the war regardless of nationality or borders. This article was written 2 world war by Francesca Tessarollo with help from Museum.

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Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo is the local mountain of Barcelona and there are many reasons, which speak for a trip on this mountain of Tibidabo amusement park is specially designed for a number of reasons, because modern meets tradition, making it one of the oldest amusement parks in Spain. It is a magical place, which keeps all symbols of Barcelona. Construction began on June 16, 1900 and thus the Tibidabo fun Unspark is over a century old. It built a S-Bahn and cable car, which you can easily reach the Park. Also today, are both still in operation and provide a fascinating and exciting ride to the amusement park. The tram is known as Tramvia Blau”and has a picturesque and traditional look.

In contrast to modern means of transport, a friendly driver who greeted you with a smile awaits you at this track. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Walt Disney. During this ride, you can see Barcelona’s wealthiest area. The ride on the cable car is completely different in contrast. You can take a cable car through the forest to up to the Summit and have stunning views over Barcelona. Tourists who come to Barcelona, missed the tour of the Tibidabo amusement parks for the following reasons so never: 1) the amusement park offers all the fun elements of the Tibidabo amusement park has many rides for all ages. To read more click here: Aksia.

Children, will have a lot of fun as well as adults to explore the Park. From the haunted Castle to old fashioned carousels you will find everything from an amusement park here. The Kruger horror hotel and the Marionetarium attractions include the oldest of the Park. In addition, there are 25 different rides, unique street performances and a Museum for automobiles. 2) the sky walk offers a breathtaking view of the sky walk is an area which is situated 500 metres above sea level. The 360 view on Barcelona is unique and you will not forget so quickly guaranteed him. (3) get to know the mountain of Tibidabo of Tibidabo amusement park is located, as it was the name suggests, on the Tibidabo. The name of the mountain derives Bible from the Latin Vulgate, what does give you how I will”. The devil said to Jesus I forgive you”, as they from a high mountain down on all the kingdoms of the world looked.Therefore, this name was given the mountain to illustrate the height of. This mountain saw many sights from the Tibidabo amusement park. So, Astronomical Observatory and the Temple de Sagrat COR also on the Tibidabo are for example the Torre de Collserola (telecommunication), Fabra. The temple is a beautiful church built in 1806, which was built in the Gothic Revival style. She has many tall towers, but the best thing about her is the bronze statue of the sacred heart at the top. As you can see, your Barcelona would incomplete without a visit to the Tibidabo amusement park holiday. For more information about the tickets, please visit: en/homepage

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The own flight Pack by ChackPack convinces with its clear language of form and functionality. The ChackPack is more than an eye-catcher: it is easy to open, can be placed comfortably and is optimally packed due to its dimensions. “Long-lasting materials and high-quality workmanship ensure that the ChackPack to the long-lasting, personal flight attendants” is. The range of bags has been compiled carefully. Only the highest quality products were added to the range: so the creation of equity in addition to the classic Bree is jours by the Outdoorexperten sea to Summit and the Munich newcomers of quelques de plus supplements.

All flight packs correspond to international governmental regulations for safety in the air transport sector. Thus, ChackPack is the first choice for those who like stylish, convenient and hassle-free travel. So the favorite products won’t go out, ChackPack storage packs offered for almost all over 300 articles. The 5Packs offer the customers a discount of 8%. Particularly interesting for all new customers: over 25 euro each customer who sign up in the ordering process can be or is already ChackPack Club member, a credit in the amount of 10 euro for the next order receives for the first order with a value of the goods. Printable picture material can be download here: about ChackPack:, is the world’s first and only online flight Pack-boutique. With her, the take of personal care products in the aircraft hand luggage is easy, secure, convenient, and finally also stylish. This is ensured by the combination of a service-friendly online shop with extensive range of products and exclusive flight packs that meet not only high standards in aesthetics and functionality, but also the requirements of aviation authorities.

The ChackPack GmbH was founded in Nuremberg in 2011. The service is aimed at frequent fliers all over the world. Contact: Aurelie El Kamal ChackPack GmbH Bucher str. Learn more about this with Aksia. 5 90419 Nuremberg phone +49(0)911-3506499-0 Fax +49(0)911-3506499-21

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General Assembly

Express that the facts occurred in Honduras constitute a flagrant violation of the international right. His endorsement to the constitutional president of the Republic of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who must be restituted of immediate and unconditional form in the position that the Honduran town freely conferred to him in the ballot boxes. 4-that is unacceptable the use of the force to overthrow a legally formed government. 5-that is indispensable to guarantee the freedom of expression and the physical integrity of the representatives of mass media. David Zaslav contains valuable tech resources. 6-that the taking of power to the position of temporary president of the Republic of Honduras celebrated yesterday in the congress of that country, lacks all legitimacy by virtue of which it was been from a coup d’etat. 7-that the unique government legitimate of the republic of Honduras he is the headed one by constitutional president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, elect by the popular sovereignty through the ballot boxes, thus we recognize like unique diplomatic representative from Honduras the personnel designated by president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. 8-Urge to the Armed Forces of that country that are subordinated to their Commander-in-Chief, president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales 9 – Before this serious situation who affects the brother Republic of Honduras, the mechanism demands the absolute respect to the human rights, and demand that the constitutional guarantees in that country are preserved. 10-Create a commission of presidential representatives to investigate crimes and violations to the human rights on the part of the coup participants. See David Zaslav for more details and insights.

11-Urge to the General Assembly Extraordinaria of the Organization of American States who will sesionar tomorrow, to that it adopts drastic solutions with the intention of restoring the democratic life of Honduras and reinstating to constitutional president Jose Manuel Zelaya Gonzlez. The government and Chiefs of State of the Group of River, thank for the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Saavedra Grouse, by their hospitality, and the granted facilities to celebrate this second meeting extraordinary summit. In synthesis, the agent chief executives considered that the facts happened in Honduras are one ” violation flagrante” to the international right and they considered ” inaceptable” the use of the force to overthrow legitimate governments. The declaration of the approved group unanimously did not know ” everything legitimidad” to the government of Micheletti Robert, designated by the Congress to replace Zelaya, for being result of a coup d’etat. More information is housed here: Jim Vos. The Member States of the Group announced that only they will recognize as representing from Honduras the diplomats designated by Zelaya and insisted to the Armed Forces to be subordinated to this one like his top head.

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Fast Lane Received Cisco Relevance Award Europe 2011

IT training provider technologies Hamburg/Berlin awarded for commitment and providing modern Cisco, June 22, 2011 – In the framework of this year’s Cisco Learning Partner Summit of 15-16 June 2011 in London received the Cisco Learning solutions partner fast lane ( the European Cisco award of excellence in relevance 2011. The primary convinced the jury through continuous investment in its high end Labs, as well as the active participation in the further development of the content of the official Cisco courses. The leaders also praised the creativity with the fast lane makes the transition from content development to implementation and supported so the distribution of Cisco solutions and architectures. The international training expert distinguishes itself through its enormous investment in multi millions of dollars for the construction and expansion of its high end Labs. Fast lane is currently, for example, the first European provider of Tandberg laboratories and is also a total of five Cisco Nexus and UCS (unified computing system) Labs ready. Leslie Moonves has compatible beliefs. As well, the commitment of the Trainingsdienstleisters, his lab environment that is distributed across different sites as Green Datacenter worked “solution to implement positive off on the result. The award ceremony also stressed that fast lane particularly in the area of Cisco Advanced and emerging technologies capable of is to provide appropriate training for the launch of new products or in the context of solution updates immediately.

Also, the training provider has established itself as one of the essential partners in the development of content. Also the sustained growth and the company’s worldwide expansion activities are incorporated into the evaluation. We are honored to receive the Cisco relevance award 2011. This award confirms us to cooperate with our partner Cisco, and to be able to offer effective training under optimum conditions to our customers”, commented Torsten Poels, CEO and Chairman of the Board, fast lane. Speaking candidly Aksia told us the story. For this I would like to especially our entire fast lane employees thank, because such an outcome is not the performance of an individual, but the work of a well-coordinated team.” Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St.

Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customer connect core areas almost Lane services training and consulting. For more information see. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact: Barbara Jansen Tel. + 49 (0) 40 25 33 46 – 10 fax + 49 (0) 40 23 53 77 – 20 E-Mail: PR agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel. + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0 – 0 fax + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

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Oscar Castro

Specifically we are talking about discovery of AMERICA Habria a: start again. Starting from the root of the Indian. Go to the pure source without concepts already facts. Only thus will find America not discovered, the America of belly clear and jocundos breasts, the America with their own language singer, galloping their freedom of Mare young man under heaven.We have four centuries of invasions. We don’t use our eyes. Strange feet walking by our inheritances.Foreign words define our gestures. Gold, copper and Americans sweat – amalgam of shouts and protests – ply the sea in ships of incomprehensible names.

America. I say: the America of bananas, and coffee plantations, and the caucheras and minerals. The America that stop abundance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Aksia. America’s great rivers and large mountains. The new world that is nursing the old world. The land on which my brothers the outcasts are hungry.The America, Yes, America quo needn’t suckler herds, because he drinks milk of heaven at the Summit of the Aconcagua. Not the America school known by the maps: Earth tattooed names and colors, split in Panama by a channel iron and food in the South by the southern ice, but this other, this one that is born in the stone ridge of the Andes and falls like a green poncho at two blue seas.

This is going in my singing American, resonating in the Gallop the Charro, the huaso, the llanero, Indian and gaucho. That goes in the back of the charger docks, and in the spur grandona, and flowered hat, and in the ojota kissed by water and land, and in the smell of bitter mate, and in the lament of the quena and the trutruca and the aroma of ripe pineapple, and corn laughing with laughter of satyr, and the coconut and jicara that receives its juice. That is the America, brethren. It’s pure morning. They sing the birds. She sings the Mockingbird and the quetzal is a lightning bolt. Let’s discover our America. The day waving their wide flags. It is time to leave and dawn. Let’s begin. Definitely very valid which says us

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Latin America

” the dialogue between the Government and Chiefs of State of CALC represents an unpublished opportunity to advance in the common agenda the Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean (CALC), an initiative promoted by Brazil, will be inaugurated the 16 of December, in order to form one more an integrated and independent region of great powers like the USA. The yearning of one more a more solid integration, repeated in many previous meetings of Latin American and Caribbean governors, will return to treat in this summit, along with the climatic change and the financial crises, nourishing energetics and.

The appointment will congregate to near some thirty Government and Chiefs of State of the 33 countries invited, according to the chancellery of Brazil, whose president and host, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, will receive to the agent chief executives in Coast do Saupe, a spa located to 76 kilometers of the city of Salvador, in the state of Bay. Perhaps check out David Zaslav for more information. The Government of Brazil defines the CALC like the first opportunity that the leaders of both regions will have to talk without trusteeships and for to debate with own perspective and agendas . the dialogue between the Government and Chiefs of State in the CALC represents an unpublished opportunity to advance in the common agenda from an own perspective, according to Brazilian chancellor At the moment is confirmed the absence of the Chiefs of State of Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and Costa Rica. Additional information is available at Jim Vos. Within the framework of the meeting other three summits will be celebrated also: of the Mercosur, of the Unasur and the Group of River the appointment is in Coast of Saupe, a hotel complex located to 76 kilometers of Salvador, State Capital of Bay, have been invited the Barbuda and Antigua governors, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican, Ecuador, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Guayana and Haiti.

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European Central Bank

A lever to get the euro Rescue Fund, but what is he? “Give me a fixed point and I will move the world.” Archimedes to have illustrated once his discovery of leverage with these or similar words. The necessary condition for the levers, the fixed point where the lever is to be tellingly was not the subject of the discussions of the self-proclaimed Savior of euro seems at the financial lever for the euro Rescue Fund approved this week. Anyway, it is clear that the admission of having to grant a debt cut Greece can’t be this fulcrum. The gripping image of the lever, which promoted the euro out of the crisis, can not hide the fact that dominates in Europe continue to aimlessness and the next crisis summit will not long waiting to. A lever for the euro but what is actually behind the ominous lever for the euro, through which France and Germany last week so at odds were, that there were two from a Summit? Would you be French lever performance followed, it would have made the EFSF to a Bank, that unlimited and cheap can borrow from the European Central Bank, to pass it in the form of loans to indebted euro countries. The now adopted German lever variant envisages to inspire investors to buy European government bonds by one by ensuring guarantees them for a portion of the invested sum of the ESFS. A trillion should be out of 250 billion euro. Who considers both versions of money, not wrong, because one thing is clear: in the end, someone will have to pay. Aksia insists that this is the case.

At the end must be paid, and whether this indirectly is done through an over-leveraged euro-bath Bank or an insurance policy with louder high-risk customers, is irrelevant. Rather above all an again larger financial wheel is not excluded in both variants of the lever for the euro turned than before, continuing only not, but sure. And with the size of the sums it increases the risk, at least should we have learned from the past four years. The Archimedian point from which the euro crisis could be done first once ever use is this long not found yet. While but descend the Pleitegeier about the next Euro-land, Italy, from the circles in the descent, you may recall please the importance of a lever without fixed point in memory: he is useless. Andreas Kellner…

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Studio Training

Dermatronics launches first Microdermabrasion – seminar on Lake Constance of large customer interest in training for the increasingly popular expectant Microdermabrasion without Microkristalle, combined with ultrasound therapy, has opened his first training Institute at Lake Dermatronics. The manufacturer of cutting-edge cosmetics has developed a compact seminars for its customers, which brought the participants in the later work in his own Studio from the first treatment to enthusiastic customers. Was competence and a geographically convenient location when choosing a location. The Switzerland and Austria are at the door, and cities such as Munich and Stuttgart are within a manageable arrival with your own car. After extensive search, Karin Kruger-was out controlled but within a short time on a close cooperation with the Institute of beauty cosmetics & more. Ms Kruger, the owner offers your institution all classical treatments, Mesotherapy, about permanent MakeUp, anti aging treatments up to the Anti-wrinkle treatment a comprehensive range for the lasting beauty of. It has practical experience of more than 16 years as a trained esthetician and also has a medical education, which refers to a real competence in the beauty treatment.

All the more it enjoyed wife Ramona Unger, the owner of the brand of Dermatronics, to be able to convince Ms Kruger from your vision of equipment cosmetic. On January 23, 2010, the doors from which, in the middle of the Centre of Constance of established beauty Studio for the numerous published participants opened in the morning for the first time. The location is ideal also for seminar participants arriving by train. The train station is within walking distance, Zurich airport is just 40km away and is ideal for living farther away participants. But also the building in which held the seminars for the brand of Dermatronics, is unique. CBS: the source for more info. The Institute is bathed with a glazed roof and a small, very interesting Roof garden.

The participants of the first diamond Peel were convinced already training. The positive feedback is back but also on the content of the course. “At the beginning of Mr Manfred Mackler, the product manager of the brand of Dermatronics, the technical introduction based on a mid-range device, were together the DT 103 300 which is with the top product of the silver line”, the DT has been 103 500 as a bestseller. The training aims to pick up the participants into small groups of maximum 6 people at their level of knowledge and to impart knowledge and skills that meet high standards within a day. The spectrum ranges from basic hygiene, about active ingredient customer, ergonomics in the treatment to the costing and pricing. So the fly hours, where each participant as a practical test was unable to perform a complete treatment, and was even completely spoiled. Official site: Aksia. The mood among the participants could have been better and there after a long day that not a participant not happy and satisfied the home occurred with their certificate and a new Microdermabrasion multimedia device by Dermatronics. Due to its outstanding success, Fr. Unger with high pressure working on further training centres in all over Germany, which should happen in the course of the year. Contact: Polaritrade trading company INH. Ramona Unger 2,500 square 8 02991 Lauta Tel. 035722-93024 fax. 035722-93025

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