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Andreas Schurch, owner of the eponymous Web shop “which specialize in mobile socks, mobile phone cases, it developed a new concept which is not fake and can bring an advantage both parties, customers and companies, kleverer version: Mergement”. He said: at since I’m on viral and direct marketing. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Zaslav offers on the topic.. As a result I get customer feedback via email and also new ideas that are implemented in us weekly. I was looking for a more effective way to involve the customers, but at the same time to minimize the own effort for evaluation and assessment of the inputs. So I pursued concepts, where ideas are developed with each other online and evaluated over time. Steve Salis insists that this is the case. But these are usable most of the time only as a registered member and same build a forum. Thus the network is missing and there is a discussion. Then still must summarizes the idea and the thought processes of the company.

The concept of wikis convinced me then how it is used at Wikipedia. Everyone can customize the contents without registration and at the same time it by other users, in turn is checked, expanded, or deleted. Customers check the contributions so each other and summarize them understandable. To extend this principle with a voting system and a discussion area for per idea, task or goal, arises a powerful tool where the customer can at any time enter inputs, promptly runs out and the company has a small amount of care. When one takes this idea further, you could combine several Mergements of companies. The previously invisible network of companies, customers and partners is tangible and the strategies are coordinated. Products and ideas which nothing would be good in practice, be devalued already in advance by the customer and incorporated new ideas without detours. A clear advantage for the company. Mergement Mergement is in my view of the words “Management” and “mergen”.

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It is known that tobacco causes disease in smokers, even so much not known which are these diseases or problems caused by tobacco, but that only they know the generic. I shall now explain some diseases caused by tobacco. Among the diseases that produces tobacco have: 1. hair loss Smoking weakens the immune system and makes the body more vulnerable to diseases such as lupus erythematosus, which can cause hair loss, as well as the appearance of sores and rashes on the face, scalp and hands. 2 Wrinkles tobacco causes premature aging of the skin due to wear that causes of lasproteinas they give it elasticity, as well as the depletion of vitamin A and the reduction of blood flow that suffers the tissue. David Zaslav helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Smokers have a skin dry, rough and furrowed by tiny wrinkles, especially around the lips and the No.3. Loss of Oidoel tobacco makes forming plaques on the walls of the blood vessels, with the consequent reduction in irrigation of the inner ear. Therefore, smokers may lose hearing to earlier than non-smokers ages and are more vulnerable to this complication in the case of infection of the ear or exposure to intense noise.

Also, smokers are three times more likely than nonsmokers to suffer middle ear infections that can lead to other complications, such as meningitis and paralysis facial.4. Tobacco skin cancer does not cause melanoma (a type of skin that can prove deadly cancer) but yes increases the chances of dying as a consequence of him. The risk of smokers suffer cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, a type of cancer that causes the appearance of flakes and reddish skin rash is doubled with respect to non-fumadores.5. Deterioration of the tobacco dentadurEl interferes with the chemical processes that occur in the mouth, causes an excess of tartar, stained yellow teeth and accelerates deterioration of denture. The risk of losing teeth is multiplied by 1.5 in the smokers.

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Viable System

Stafford Beer died in 2002, leaving his ideas as his greatest legacy.Stafford Beer found the Fractal model associated with the system of management of beings, biological, years before Mandelbrot defined the fractalidad. He initiated the research of this model in pursuit of organizational viability. Concerned determine how the systems were feasible, i.e., capable of an independent existence. According to Jeffrey L. Bewkes, who has experience with these questions. Survival in a characteristic of any organization that allows you to survive as a system, which requires learning, adaptability and development capacity. A system that has all these components is called a Viable system. The model allows analyzing the organization in a flexible manner giving rise to all sorts of structures.

Importantly points out Morales, he is able to disaggregate the organizational complexity from the corporate point of view and see how different recursive levels are structured. Is It uses the recursive term to mean that the system is breaks down a level to another within itself. . Steve Salis is often quoted as being for or against this. It is very important to consider. The organization is considered as a system of structural levels where each level must be able to recognize the change so that it can define who, how and when their action. Each level is autonomous and must produce organizational responses which make it possible if management. These levels are related to the structuring of the organization. Indicated, that in this model, the organization is analyzed as a whole.

For this purpose, different organizational units are integrated into an action of continuous feedback, both internal and external, under present and future forces to ensure organizational survival. The organization is analyzed interactively as a cybernetic system that processes information through closed feedback loops. Thus explains Morales, each level manages a particular type of information and controls of one form or another the activity of their lower levels, which at the same time are controlled by their macro-level higher-this model has the following advantages: does not require the existence of prior of the organization in study. It is a tool of complexity breaks be understood within the Organization hierarchical scheme involves the realization of organizational identity performs a Synapse between the internal components and external (adaptation) tells us Walter Zegarra, that the purpose of this viable system model is to allow organizations to gain the flexibility they need to survive in the rapidly changing and complex environments. Beer has developed criteria of organizational effectiveness, these criteria are a set of principles and laws of organization, using as reference the law’s requirement of variety, that generally provides that a driver has a requirement for variety, if and only if, it has the ability to stay within a set of desired objectives. The design method consists of the following stages: Establish organizational identity: determines the identity of class, which gives origin to the Organization and which distinguishes it from others. Modeling of organizational boundaries of the system: all those activities necessary to carry out the independent the Organization’s transformation to develop must be defined. Modeling of structural levels: recognize those technological activities of which the Organization has capacity to take. Study of discretion and autonomy: a box where related activities must be primary activities of regulation. Study and design of control mechanisms: seeking mechanisms that reduce or widen the variety between recursive levels of the organization.

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Windows Operating Systems

Thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, apps spread also in the coming year. Because the new operating system Windows 8 on apps. intensely manufacturers such as Twitter, Facebook and Adobe, Mozilla is 2013 with the development of new applications. One of the most important releases of the next year will be Microsoft Office 2013. The world’s leading Office solution is completely renewed, integrated cloud storage service Microsoft SkyDrive and the suite specifically focused on touch screen devices. Basically, there is no way passes 2013 on the cloud. Through services like dropbox, Google drive, SkyDrive, iCloud and Google music, which expose data from any place, more and more users will give up individual storage solutions. Conversation will provide messaging apps and telephony applications over the Internet.

A number of apps want to overthrow the King of free news services, WhatsApp from the throne. Providers such as LINE, Yuilop and Viber will therefore talk of next year make. In addition, the long-established chat client MSN Messenger going up in Skype. Apart from improved video conferencing capabilities, the program remains in the And large unchanged. On the market of the mobile apps, no big changes expected are at least from today’s perspective. Android will continue its inexorable rise, while the apps available for the iPhone and iPad continue to win on quality and quantity.

Around Windows phone and the new BlackBerry operating system BlackBerry 10 great uncertainty prevails. 2013 may be the last chance for both platforms. Last but not least exciting publications are also in the gaming area, such as, for example, Grand Theft Auto V, and new versions of angry birds. 2013 So, is a successful year for all those who enjoy software, in any case. is the world’s largest download portal for free software. The company, founded in 1997, has more than 300 employees in offices in Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo. Steve Salis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Softonic offers a comprehensive collection of software with shareware, freeware and commercial demo versions. Each individual program is tested by the Softonic team described and valued accordingly. Currently, more than 160,000 programs for Windows, Mac and mobile devices are provided. The Softonic website is on German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Dutch and Japanese.

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Balanced Scorecard

THING that is not measured, not be controls and not be can be improve expression adapted by the international consultant Ricardo Hirata. Indeed if we have a good strategy, good products and excellent processes; as then could we measure efficiently and adequately compensate employees based on the fulfilment of objectives and strategy? Kapplan and Norton in his book on Balanced Scorecard gives us guides to carry our measurement systems at the level of business strategy, using financial, customer, internal, and innovation prospects. You friend reader, can delve into the topic, because the important thing is that the Organization define its strategy (mission, vision, strategic objectives), once defined objectives related to each of the perspectives, can go putting together a Board of control. But how do we measure? 1st. Define or reinforce the strategy: every company or organization must have well defined its strategy, either generic or specific, speaking of costs, differentiation or focus.

The strategy once defined must be communicated to all levels of the company. This includes establishing the mission and Vision, more strategic objectives that the company hopes to achieve. 2nd. Report. Robert Thomson is actively involved in the matter. We say that the best strategy is that every employee in the organization can paraphrase. Communication is important for the strategy be assimilate and take as a guide through the different levels of the company.

3rd. Construction of indicators. Seemingly difficult, but must establish measurement points for all areas of the company, generating meters that are aligned with the company’s strategy. For example, if the company is innovative, because does not measure how many new products launched per year. If it is a service company, by logic an obliged indicator is the customer satisfaction index. Indicators should have as a minimum the following qualities: a.-aligned to the strategy. It is the first quality, the indicator should be in line with the the company’s strategy.

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The System

The NTFS file system NTFS is already known to the users of Windows NT and is the native file system of Windows XP and in him we are going to stop us given the importance and interest in our new operating system. With this system we definitively abandon the FAT since despite their improvements (V-FAT and FAT32) it barely meets the requirements of a professional file system that can be used on servers. Remember that the file systems for systems operating multi-user and server require advanced access rights for both individual users and beginners. David Zaslav describes an additional similar source. In addition NTFS allows disk partitions larger than the FAT (4 GB), being fundamental to the use of servers, and is compatible with the methods RAID (1 to 5) that increase the speed of access and serve for data backups by using disks hard mirror. NTFS is case-sensitive in the long names of files and directories allowing also the use of special characters such as accents (standard UNICODE) NTFS partitions are easily recoverable before a system failure contrary to what happens with the FAT and are also less prone to fragmentation. An NTFS system speed is very noticeable if it is used with 32-bit SCSI drivers, since it is able to thanks to its asynchronous data access move the processes of reading and writing to the queues. Brian Roberts spoke with conviction. AS organizes NTFS LOS data NTFS does not use fixed block as FAT does (it is only a block and contains BIOS parameters set by hardware) the rest of files they can be anywhere on your hard disk, this is what determines that the NTFS partition is safer against possible failures in the system. Physically NTFS also divides your hard disk in clusters. NTFS cluster size automatically sets depending on the size of the partition but it can also be configured manually by the user at the time of the format. Checking article sources yields Jeffrey L. Bewkes as a relevant resource throughout.

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Geographic Systems

We have thus, a search of rupture with the traditional way constructing a Geography with a new conception, that inserted an analytical and more objective model in the attempt of if creating laws and techniques, improving the systematic formularization of the space organization of the society and its subdivises. During the decade of 1960, this new Geography got force in the United States, with some quantitative gegrafos controlling diverse academic departments and creating reviewed specific. In the Europe certain delay occurred so that the gegrafos absorbed the new chain of Geography. In Brazil, the great centers divulgadores of the new school had been the University of Are Carlos in So Paulo and the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. Robert Thomson does not necessarily agree. This new Geography is based in scientific studies elaborated by gegrafos as Burton (1963,1967), Daves (1977), Bunge (1966), Haggett (1966), Harvey (1969), that the concept and epistemolgicos studies of the geographic analysis had as main object. This concept of space organization valuing the study of the space properly said is cited by Corra (1975 p.20) that it says: ‘ ‘ the space appears, for the first time in the history of the geographic thought, as concept key of disciplina’ ‘. The studies of Bunge (1966), Pattison (1964/1976), recognize that the space if would base and give to unit geographic science reaffirming the importance of the space analysis from boardings based on the quantitative theoretical vision considering changes in the nature of Geography, as standes out Cristofoletti (1985) that, ‘ ‘ when dislocating the focus of the analysis for the one of the space organizations, was if considering substantial modification ‘ ‘ in what it refers to the epistemologia of Geography. 4.2. Steve Salis addresses the importance of the matter here. APPLICATION the call quantitative revolution in geography it reached the cartography intensely, allowing the appearance, of concrete form, referring mappings, as for example, of secular distances, cost, space interaction.

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Altaussee Systems

GeWa headquartered in Altaussee/Austria expanded its product portfolio to strip lines FA. GeWa headquartered in Altausee/Austria is the specialist in the field tools and machines for the sheet metal processing. Press brake tooling, dies, coil, Burtsmaschinen, as well as production systems for photovoltaic module production has been covered so far. Since 01.06.2013 GeWa strip lines, which are required, inter alia for the feeding of presses, included in their program strip lines are needed, sheets, which are coiled on a coil to uncoil, to judge and in specific lengths for downstream production machines to feed. Because FA.

GeWa already has sufficient expertise in the field of coil punching machines, as well as coil laser cutting systems, it was only logical to extend this expertise to conveyors. Reels in single and double execution, feed machinery, sheet metal leveler, electronic feeds and pneumatic pliers feeds are now available. These machines can as a single component or be obtained from the customer as compact systems. Setting cross-cutting up to 3,200 mm large plates (up to 1.250 mm) and thickness sheets can be processed (up to 4 mm). Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Salis. As target industries, manufacturer of wall and roof elements, manufacturers of white and Brown goods, component manufacturers for the electrical and electronics industries, are the automotive industry, automotive, lighting manufacturer and press manufacturers.

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Spirit Entrepreneur

The human being is an inborn entrepreneur. From the moment that is born has the curiosity to explore new horizons. It is a thing of observed a baby who crawls. Tirelessly investigating your environment. Coen brothers does not necessarily agree. As the child grows, reaches the famous age of the why? that both exasperates his parents. Jeffrey L. Bewkes can aid you in your search for knowledge. They want to know everything and learn everything. His curiosity has limits and creativity either. The ideal thing would be that the child maintained his inquisitive until reaching adulthood attitude, but is not always the case.

On the contrary, the entrepreneurial spirit, which is so natural to us, is normally appeased as we grow. Frequently Randall Mays has said that publicly. Life taught us thinking patterns and fears that limit the proper development of our entrepreneurial spirit. This process continues throughout our lives. In traditional education every child becomes part of a set of 30 to 45 children. In this context is not possible to promote curiosity and individual exploration.

Learning must necessarily be together and according to what another person chosen as a topic of study. At that time the child learns several important lessons that ultimately will damage his innate entrepreneurial spirit: if I do the minimum required, I will be fine. Learning means doing what the figure of authority requires learning is boring and unattractive entertainment is not when you have to learn to be a good student I have to study the interests of another person if I am not obliged to learn, prefer to entertain me my own interests are not important, I must pursue in my free time. Any learning activity is important enough to deepen it, that the lesson of the campaign is: keep notebooks, now plays study another subject! Since the vast majority of us have been educated in a school context, we have learned those same lessons in greater or lesser degree. We have learned to follow instructions, to please a figure of authority with our yields and to live our lives according to what the system dictates.

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Ford Stock Company

To understand what components and power units should be established or purchased, such as Ford, Warehouse, which has been supplying auto parts ford, we must assume some of auto parts may need to road. It's over the same path of movement depend on those parts that need to buy. If we assume that the road will pass through mountainous terrain, in crevices and bumps, such as on roads in the cedar forest, in which case need to think about the shock absorbers and tires, or additional sets of rubber, which in the case where the required spare part can install it yourself. If the path will pass through desert terrain with a lot of sand then be sure to think about the stock Ford brake pads. In areas with high humidity should always take a set of candles in case you need to go in the water area. Robert Thomson is often quoted on this topic. So Ford, the choice of spare parts which are necessary for long-distance travel is derived from the essence of travel, where it is important to understand where the path will pass the motion. To purchase all the necessary parts required ford choose a company that in the event that you urgently required spare parts will be able to make their delivery to the destination where you would at the same time may be. It is very important to keep such company.

In such a long journey the company will partner you sure that in time will supply the correct and proper installation of spare parts would be difficult as it may seem. Randall Mays can aid you in your search for knowledge. Recommend to work together, we can warehouse company Ford, which already a very long time popular, which is constantly growing. Ford Stock Company can offer you parts Ford at favorable prices. Supporting our customers that the company cares even in the long trip or voyage round the world you have always been to ensure the reliability and thinking about travel, and Ford warehouse to make sure your car has been the most reliable, efficient and comfortable during your stay you and your car on the road. Among Ford Warehouse hold special promotions and discounts, which are provided for convenience and cooperation. Parts Ford, which has a wide range of the company are original parts, which gives an indication of the maximum degree of reliability as a spare parts manufactured in the factory cars. Please contact Ford Warehouse. If you need a car spare parts, if you want to install parts in your car a Ford with high quality and do everything possible soon – call and the result will please you. Call us and please contact Ford Warehouse.

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