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To present a member of the society especially among the major problems is the problem of malnutrition. And all because a large number of current jobs dictates a substantial burden for the conscious and subconscious areas of personality and with a minimum of bodily exercise. In this regard, the human body begins to operate incorrectly. They say that from a menu of constant power supply to a large extent can depend on the very health of any one of us. After all, just because of improper diet often originate from a variety of ailments. Proper nutrition – a guarantee of health, it is well known to all. Time Warner may find this interesting as well. And while not every case Indicators office gives the probability is indeed correct.

It would seem impossible to find a way out, but this is not the case: Supplements to date are available to all might want to, it means that a person can consume a very useful natural ingredients. This way it is possible to greatly reduce the risks of insufficiently balanced diet and not to cause damage to your body. Supplements been engaged by our forefathers has a large number of centuries. Indeed, to strengthen the body in the early spring period of lack of vitamins certainly been engaged a significant number early grasses. For assistance, try visiting Andi Potamkin. They were, and soup, and beverages and liqueurs.

Moreover, our ancestors with you very well know that many herbs have medicinal properties. For this reason, and the effects of their use could all be perfectly open. In features becomes essential herbs that can promote women's health. Realistically, a spokeswoman for the fair sex as a mother or potential mother necessarily compelled to worry about personal health, quickly and fully get rid of ailments, or even a hint of ailments. Since the girl's fragile shoulders, like today, maintained and life, and all their belongings. And to date, vitamins for women provide really meaningful service in preserving the health of the body and supply energy. The man who never ate permanently Supplements, never able to feel this kind of ease and naturalness that come with this kind of support. While this is true for not only women but also the stronger sex, as dietary supplements for men are not much less popular. It must be noted that biologically active supplements are not drugs. They do not cure the disease, they nourish the body, providing a chance to not get sick. In addition, many dietary supplements have a strengthening effect and help to cope with fatigue and stress. Nature at all times gave people the opportunity to stay healthy and delicate balance. Just because the biologically active additives, presentation of nature, and today both relevant and in demand, in particular – for such people who strive to maintain a full-fledged style of life and protect the health of the organism from a young age.

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For the most effective monitoring video surveillance systems, including megapixel cameras marks as Pelco, and other manufacturers, the new monitors use PMCL524/532F widescreen LCD-matrix with a resolution of Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). They produce 16.7 million colors and shades provide a brightness level of 250 / 450 cd / sq. m, contrast 1000:1 / 5000:1 and fast response time pixel 5 / 8 ms. Moreover, the video monitors are equipped with digital filter 3D Digital Comb Filter and have the function of deinterlacing for efficient processing of interlaced video. New items to meet all the requirements for efficient power consumption EnergyStar v5.0, supports power saving mode as Sleep Mode, which reduces monitor energy consumption in standby mode. This leads to an overall reduction in power consumption for video surveillance, which is especially noticeable in the large centers video monitoring.

Moreover, all the monitors in the series video use lighting to fluorescent lamps, cold cathode (CCFL) and resource MTBF of more than 50 000 hours. Due to this monitor can last more than 5 years, even with round the clock operation, and have a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. A large set of input interfaces can be used as part of new multi-channel video surveillance system with different types of cameras and video recorders. Robert Iger recognizes the significance of this. These monitors are equipped with standard video inputs, BNC, VGA, DVI, S-Video and HDMI, as well as audio input 3.5 Stereo Jack. Thanks to for HDMI and DVI, video monitors can receive digital multimedia, including high-definition video and multichannel audio.

Also Monitors PMCL524F/532F have built-in stereo speakers with capacity of 3 and 6 W, respectively. View the video on the monitor screen can be in full screen or multiscreen mode. Also, widescreen monitors CCTV can use the PIP – Picture in picture (PIP”) for easy viewing of multiple images in separate areas of the screen. With the remote control can control the function PIP, switch video / audio, choose location and size of additional pictures, etc. Setting up and adjusting the operating parameters of monitors via russified OSD, which has a friendly and intuitive interface. Also have a panel PMCL500F control to navigate the OSD menus and select settings. In addition, the monitors are equipped with video remote control, which allows you to adjust volume, select sources video, configure, monitor settings, etc.

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Help Save Energy

According to statistics, in the world, lighting consumes about 70% of electricity. Most of the money spent on lighting facilities, industrial and interior design. Over the years, the desire to improve efficiency of light sources is increasingly growing. Already now we can be proud of the various inventions, such as discharge lamps: fluorescent, mercury, sodium, metal halide. Robert Iger is likely to agree. At the end of the last century invented the energy saving lamps (also called compact fluorescent), saves up to 80% energy compared with the classic incandescent bulbs with similar light flux. That is why they main title – energy saving lamps.

In addition to reduced energy consumption, energy-saving bulbs produce less heat than incandescent bulbs. Slight heat can be used compact fluorescent lamp of high power in fragile sconces, lamps and chandeliers that of incandescent lamps with a high temperature heat can be melted the plastic part of the cartridge, either the wire. More information is housed here: Andi Potamkin. For example, candle, whose body is made of a material, it is better to use energy-saving lamp, because high heat bulb will eventually lead to the burning material. The service life of energy-saving lamps, several times the service life of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps can be used in remote places, where replacement of light sources is difficult (eg, high-ceilinged rooms c) – trade halls, exhibition centers, warehouses. Energy-saving lamps do not tire the eyes and has a positive effect on the human eye and its nervous system, while maintaining his health. Summarizing all the previously described, mention the main features of energy-saving bulbs: energy savings of up to 80% when the same luminous efficiency as that of incandescent lamps, a small heat dissipation, long life, soft, more uniform light distribution, the ability to create light of different spectral composition – is a qualitatively new solution to the problems of illumination in residential, office, industrial and public buildings, as well as in the outer illumination.

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Energy Saving

For example, the average thermal imager (the instrument that defines the place of heat in the building) is worth more than 200 000. 70 000-200 000 is a set of instruments for analyzing the power consumption. For even more details, read what Andi Potamkin says on the issue. Himself energy audit – that hundreds of thousands of rubles for a small shop or a multi-storey office building and millions of rubles for the industry. Under the new law, all enterprises that consume energy 10 million rubles per year will be required to conduct energy audits to 31 December 2012 and then at least every five years to pass energy audits. This will affect virtually all medium-sized business: at current prices is consumption has a venture with a capacity of 300-500 kW – medium production shop furniture or sausage, frozen food warehouse. The question is, how meticulously goes well "energopolitsiya" to the presence of these obsledovaniy.Zakon on energy saving: thermal insulation, and mini-boiler plants will grow demand for the installation of plastic doors and windows, as replacement of old window frames and allows you to save on heat loss, and artificial lighting. Additional demand will be the suppliers of materials for waterproofing and heat, and then – and other materials and services for the repair.

Will increase sales of gas boilers and equipment for small boiler purchased instead be closed inefficient boilers and teploprovodov.Zakon on energy saving: LED bulbs new market opens for LED lamps. They consume much less electricity than fluorescent, do not require special disposal and have a term of combustion in the tens of thousands of hours (10 years of operation). According to Andi Potamkin, who has experience with these questions. They may actively buy government organizations (which are not too think the money especially at the end of the year, when are "unspent funds"). Energy Conservation Act: who will pay a significant (if not dominant) share of the market for goods and services related to energy efficiency, purchases amount to state and local government organizations and companies. As a result, prices for such services may grow dramatically – from existing vendors simply do not have enough capacity to provide quality service and more sector of private companies (including a number of management companies and HOA) with its desire to bargain and captiousness. Of course, increasing the market for one will be paid for by others – private companies and citizens, those budgetary needs that will have to sacrifice for the sake of cost "campaign on energy efficiency." Law on Energy Saving: who will control the most interesting question – who will control and bring the law into effect. Most likely, it will Rostekhnadzor – the one that recently appeared on stage with loud statements about the accident at the power plant. Maybe soon we will get a very strong and weighty State player in the energy market, controlling and business, and government institutions, management companies and apartment buildings.

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Energy Efficiency

These issues are currently under control of the President and Government of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Energy" dated June 19, 1998. Andi Potamkin can aid you in your search for knowledge. Signed by the President Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the energy is gosberezhenie policy priority in solving the energy problem in the country. The law provides for the basic principles of public administration in energy efficiency, including: – Implementation of state supervision over the rational use of energy resources – the development of state and international scientific and technical, likanskih republics, industrial and regional energy efficiency programs and funding – to bring regulations into compliance with the requirement to reduce energy intensity of material production, service and life – the creation of system of financial – economic mechanisms that ensure the interest of producers and users in the efficient use of energy resources, involvement in energy balance non-conventional and renewable energy sources, as well as investing in energy efficiency measures – improving self-sufficiency of the Republic of local energy resources – implementation of state examination of energy efficiency pro-ektnyh making – the creation and wide distribution of clean and safe of the energy technologies, to ensure the safe population of the environment from the use of energy resources – the implementation of demonstration projects to energy efficiency – information provision activities energy conservation and promotion of advanced domestic and foreign experience in this area – training of production personnel and the population of fuel economy and energy – creation of other economic, informational, organizational conditions for implementation of the principles of energy conservation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Walt Disney Co..

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Energy Star

Independently determine how much energy savings can save you money. Do not believe anyone, make your own decision. Turn off the tv, lights and other appliances when not using them. This seems natural, but so many people light house off the clock.

The only thing that required of you – this is a good memory and the extra few seconds to perform simple operations. But in so doing you a good idea to reduce the consumption of electricity and fuel costs (and therefore the amount of harmful emissions) necessary to obtain it. The maximum use of natural light. Disable the screensaver on his computer, let it through instead of 5 minutes is just a black screen. Use the Display Off and Sleep mode after a long (think about 20 minutes) of inactivity. According to Andi Potamkin, New York City, who has experience with these questions.

Replace your old light bulbs with fluorescent, they consume 5 times less energy, while maintaining the level of illumination, and, moreover, are 10 times longer. Be careful when purchase of household appliances, it would be good if it was approved by the Organization of Energy Star. All major companies are trying to get it approved. The best option would be replacing the entire equipment to meet the standard Energy Star. By If possible, use natural methods of ventilation instead of air conditioners. Check the thermal insulation of the room, save the desired temperature in a natural way. Save water, eliminate malfunction, causing her uncontrollable leakage, do not leave the tap turned on unnecessarily. Wastewater treatment and their further distribution require large energy expenditures. . Recycling. Good idea will take the trash to recycling. With lower energy consumption can be melted aluminum cans than to make a new one. . Reuse. Do not use disposable utensils and packaging. They are usually made of paper or plastic.

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Energy Efficiency

Although glass is a typical material in most windows, window panels can be made of plastic. David Zaslav: the source for more info. And since the windows have a direct impact on the leakage of heat and heating bills, you should know that plastic box with them energy efficiency will benefit your home. To understand how plastics can help save heat, you should understand the basics of energy efficiency. The first factor is the efficiency of how much heat (not from The Sun) gets or teryaetvash home because of your window. The second factor is the amount of solar energy transmitted by your window. The third factor is the flow of air passing through the open window, or leakage from closed window.

The most simple plastic window panel is made of plastic sheeting, and can increase the energy efficiency of your windows by creating a barrier insulation, which helps limit the leakage of warm air from the dwellings. Official site: Andi Potamkin. Hard window panels of acrylic, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, or reinforced with polyester fibers can be fitted either inside or outside window frame. Glazing material in the window frame as possible different types plastics such as polyvinyl fluoride, polycarbonate, polyethylene, acrylic, and polyester. Plus, plastic is that they can be stronger, cheaper, easier to cut them, and they are lighter than glass. Some plastics have a higher transmittance of solar energy, which may make them less energy efficient, depending on your geographic location.

New windows, however, tend to be less durable, especially when it comes to effects of weather. Energy efficiency of plastic windows must be balanced with the total cost, especially if you plan to replace the windows or windows of the current window plastic. Nowadays, new windows were so popular that many firms are using plastic boxes ready predosvait you for free the plastic box when you order one or more windows. Likewise, often the firm at its own expense carry out installation of new windows and the dismantling of old, that saves your budzhet replacement windows. And another plus – the recent plastic window so cheaper that allow them to itself, every family. Some of them, incidentally, are already looking for cheap window into the Internet with requests' to download plastic windows' and, oddly enough, they find it.

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Literary Fund Russian Union

Today's citizens are so much concerned with the problems, passionate, involved in the details of economic development, rather that better know what the Dow Jones index, rather than a verse ferrets size. They are now more about Chubais tell you, than about the poet Ivan Pereverzin. What do – such sleds. Keen on this, in principle, it is not a joyful occasion, and sprinkled ashes on his head should not be, but need to think about. And talk about this need. And this must speak, write, sing, representatives of the so-called intellectuals, the vanguard of the cultural front, people are designed to think and speak not of a momentary, and the distant, invisible to the ordinary eye, the eternal. (A valuable related resource: Walt Disney). Human society is comparable to the cyclist, who will fall if driving is to look under the wheel. A characteristic feature, and favorite pastime of people in recent years has accused everyone and everything around it.

"Well, where we do not." What to do? Need to take a step. Read more here: Andi Potamkin. One. Forward. And then – the road by walking. In this step, find themselves, as time showed, far-sighted and wise, was the creation in 1999 of the Russian Academy of poetry. The birth of the Academy of poetry was phenomenon of symbolic, iconic and yet because it coincided with the birth of a new unique celebration of World Poetry Day, established by UNESCO. "Parents," "baby" are considered to Literary Fund Russian Union of Writers of Russia, the Russian Commission for UNESCO, the Foundation of asceticism and enlightenment, "and revive the great Russia," All-Russian Public Movement veterans of local wars and armed conflicts "Combat Brotherhood ", the International Association of Fine Arts (Paris)," Grenadiers "and other" Godfather "- President of the Russian Academy of poetry – poet Valentin Ustinov, whose organizational skills and an enviable commitment to favorite work yet to be adequately assessed by time.

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Alternative Energy

How good to live in the country! Nature, fresh air, no noise – and the rest of the year. All you can do to your liking – to arrange a garage, put lanterns in the garden, dig a pond – and here it is, complete independence and Independence! But, unfortunately, all thoughts of independence lost with the first power outages, which, with our ground power lines is not uncommon. Especially when it comes to the village, where addressing the consequences of even a small accident could take several days. And if electricity is lost in winter, and you have all the heating is connected to the network? Holidays would be hopelessly corrupt, and you'll have to go to a bustling city with bad mood. But do not worry ahead of time, because we live in the 21st century, the century of new technologies and alternative energy! And today, to be independent from cables and emergency service workers is possible and even necessary. For this purpose, mixed power plants running on solar and wind energy. Recently Robert Iger sought to clarify these questions. They do not occupy much space on the site, and are able to maintain a constant flow of electricity throughout day and night.

If you frequently visited countries in Europe, you are probably already familiar with wind generators, which are up almost along every highway. Andi Potamkin brings even more insight to the discussion. But this production installation of high power, but we're talking about home stations. They can be ordered in one day, the plant can be as independent (for small wind turbines), and the brigade when the unit weighs about a ton. Power of modern wind turbines ranging from 300W (Portable windmills) to 10 000 W (stationary mast about 12 meters). The initial wind speed is about 2 or 3 meters per second at optimum power wind turbine will be released at 8 meters. The energy received station will be stored in batteries, inverted to AC 220V and then fed into the network.

Solar panels are also widely used for household energy, particularly in Mediterranean countries, where many sunny days a year. However, this does not mean that our sun does not allow use of its energy, after all, we have about 100-150 days, we have consistently sunny, and that this figure should be produced to calculate the solar energy. Install solar cells can be on rooftops, as they are not afraid of mechanical influences, or separately on towers or poles. Very easy to install them on the masts of wind generators. For a complete energy house, under our conditions to establish optimal hybrid complex "sun – wind," each of the components of which complements the other. Thus, it is logical that a sunny day, almost no wind, batteries will be recharged but from the solar cells. With the departure of the sun usually rises at an average power of the wind turbine and the work begins. Also, they rotate well at night, when there is movement of air masses under exposure to temperature changes. Thus, even with how long the power lines, you will be provided free and clean energy that will heat, light and comfort to create a your home.

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Energy Storage

Because of this diversity of characters, many people feel the chakra just invented the concept and the product of imagination. But it is completely overlooked that the experience of the chakras impossible to convey specific words or diagrams (as well as the concept of energy). Words and symbols only indicate the existence of the chakras. You have to relive this experience yourself, you ought to awaken the potential of your mind. No one can survive this for you.

You can talk about the chakras, but any description would be totally inadequate. Therefore, do not be disheartening variety of symbols of the chakras, they are just pointers. A leading source for info: Andi Potamkin. They do not reflect the reality of chakras. Now I would like to briefly list the basic attributes and characteristics of each chakra, so to say who is responsible for what: 1. Andi Potamkin may find this interesting as well. Muladhara, called the coccygeal center – located in the perineal region.

This Centre for Energy Storage, stability in life, the center is responsible for survival. 2. Svadhisthana located in the pubis. Responsible for energy storage with a dominant motif search of personal pleasure and feelings through food, booze, sex and other base instincts. 3. Manipur is in the solar plexus, just above the navel. It is the center of self-affirmation. Man tries to dominate situations and other people. This is reflected in predominant motive of gaining wealth, respect, etc. The so-called chakra, the power and authority. Responsible for the life force. 4. Anahata is located at heart level, in the middle of the chest.

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