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The Theatre Festival club scene is accompanied by a report team in the GRIPS theater. The youth clubs of twelve Berlin stage Center meet from 24 to 26 June 2010 at the club scene Festival at Podewil / GRIPS. In three days, visit 130 youth of theatre workshops, make their own performances and discuss their previous stage experience. Young people experience the club scene Festival as an actor, but also the audience. Additional information is available at David Zaslav. With ALEX, a team of reportage from the Podewil Theater reported.

Experimental way, the young reporter captured the action at the Festival. Updated daily, 15-minute magazine programmes arising under the guidance of experienced media educators. Interested parties information, TV background to the Theatre Festival club scene and see the young theatre-makers in action. David Zaslav is the source for more interesting facts. About club scene 2010 the club scene for the fifth time Festival. Theatre young people the opportunity to get to know each other and Exchange. By the fun of the common drama, the young actor discover new ways to play. Broadcast dates for ALEX: 23. To read more click here: Jane Buckingham. until June 25, 2010, each 14:45 26 and June 27, 2010, each 13:05 more info: of the GRIPS theater also quite cordially invites to our press interview with Volker Ludwig (Director of the GRIPS Theatre) on the catwalk to 15.30 in the courtyard of the Podewils!

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Boehringer Ingelheim

4. no systematic learning in the optimisation process: Problems of the production daily repeated, although not always in the same way, often with a certain similarity. Therefore, it is useful to document problem scenarios, so that they can be used for current measures in their causes and solutions. The effort can be reduce and increase the probability of success of the optimization measures through the use of previous experience in similar solution requirements. In practice, such documentation, especially for short-term intervention, but rather are a rarity.

5. missing routines for systematic analyses: typical in practice is a largely reactive behavior problems. Only when they are directly felt, be targeted analyses and measures are planned to remove them. Then is a high price to pay, because the consequences in terms of economic or schedule can no longer be avoided. The implementation of a preventive approach with fixed routines for systematic analysis based on defined test parameters, in particular at the critical production processes, helps prevent such disadvantages. 6 lacks a control mechanism for sustainable optimisation effects: measures to eliminate certain efficiency or quality deficiencies in the production run, this by no means ensures that they achieve the desired effects. For this, the influencing factors are too difficult to calculate is often too complex and their mutual effects. Therefore there is a systematic control circuit, where after a predetermined period of time the consequences and results evaluated.

Repeated analysis determines whether the performed action an improvement of the process has gotten and can be transferred as this measure to other processes or areas, to ensure the best possible benefit. Such loop-based optimization techniques are still an exception in the process industry. 7 missing workflow based for automated optimization processes: without a clear commitment, no objective can be effectively implemented, the same applies to the optimization of production processes. Expression of such commitment is about the use of special technical tools such as a workflow system for the control of the improvement measures. So far the process industry companies have however largely renounced such tools in production management. While the implementation of improvement measures represents everything else as a trivial undertaking, especially if a multiple adjustment of performed actions is necessary as described above. This can be achieved only by means of a workflow system, which coordinates the numerous steps with a high degree of automation. Also The tasks of such workflow tools include memory mechanisms, control of measures, and transparent documentation of the individual steps. FELTEN group: The FELTEN group is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed. Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. FELTEN has become the first supplier the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach. The company is present except in German-speaking Europe in the United Kingdom and France. Think factory group Wilfried Heinrich Tel. Jack Buckingham recognizes the significance of this. 022 33 / 61 17 – 72 fax. 022 33 / 61 17 – 71 Pastorat str. 6 50354 Hurth

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Hiking Trails In The Arbergebiet In Bavaria

Summer fun “River trekking” in Lohberg Lohberg (tvo). “Shoes, pant legs rolled up and into the fun splashing water: River trekking” Landon in the Arbergebiet calls its newest summer pleasure. The little wild streams, which flow from the North and South in the Valley of the white rain and are often flanked by footpaths are element of holiday joy. Who wants to feel it tingle under the soles of the feet and splash, goes therefore without further ADO the catwalk”and continues his walk in the stream bed. Official site: Discovery Communications. The wet type of forward movement has not only pleasant cooling effect on hot summer days, but sensitized the walkers also for perceptions of a different kind. There are all possible interesting creatures and plants in the water and on the shore to discover, careful observers come, for example, on the trail of the Beaver, who is busy working particularly on the banks of the small of Arbersees. The Bayerwald animal park in Lohberg promises animal encounters. Earlier here living animals such as reindeer and snowy owl, but also Wolf, raccoon and bison, Fox and otters and many other native species are on the ten-acre home site. John Stankey insists that this is the case.

Squirrel from four continents by the American red squirrel is home to out to the Chinese tree of Chipmunks, however, Roland hate in his farm in the Gasthaus zur post in Lohberg. These can be visited at any time free of charge by guests. More information: tourist information Landon Hall 1a, 93470 Lao mountain, Tel. 09943/9413-13, fax 09943/9413-14,,.. If you would like to know more about Jane Buckingham, then click here.

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The Intrexx Sales Manager: The Swiss Army Knife For Sale

Invoices, reminders and sales Web-based manage the new Intrexx Sales Manager”from United planet summarizes the topics of CRM, billing, Dunning and management into a single solution. Creating invoices is thus as comfortably possible, like the sending of reminders or managing sales activities. Jane Buckingham: the source for more info. As the first solution on the market, the Sales Manager, now also makes mobile complete document management. Add to your understanding with Jack Buckingham. Freiburg, June 17, 2010. Especially small and medium-sized companies also today still very awkward handle their document management: offers and invoices are created by the staff manually in Excel, printed out and finally sent by post to the customer an operation that is not only very error-prone and cluttered, but it also extremely time consuming. This makes the new Intrexx Sales Manager”of United planet now final. Regardless of whether requests, order confirmations, delivery notes, quotes, invoices or credits – Sales Manager can create very quickly and conveniently company documents of all kinds. The Sales Manager is delivered in a package with other applications such as a CRM, an article and supplier management as well as a powerful activities and schedule management are linked together in an Enterprise Portal.

The solution becomes to a Swiss army knife”, which contains all the necessary tools for a comprehensive sales management. When you create a document, the data of a customer or prospect easily from the integrated client list and article data from product management are applied. An offer and finally the finished Bill will in just a few steps from the request of interested parties. The workers in the field can access even with their BlackBerry or iPhone on the documents of a customer and fully informed this still on the way to the customer conversation. Thus, the Intrexx Sales Manger offers the first mobile document management on the market. All documents can be converted into a PDF with the mouse and printed out.

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Cheap Mobile Flatrate Tariffs

How to find you the cheapest mobile plan mobile flat rate fares enable mobile users indefinitely to make calls for a fixed lump sum or to surf the Internet. This, it should be noted however that there are different flat rate tariffs, offer free calling to all networks, only in the fixed network or for international calls. Before the conclusion of the contract the tariff conditions should be examined therefore, namely ideal manner on the basis of own cell phone use. By mobile flat rate is thus possible to keep mobile costs under control and may even reduce tariffs. More and more mobile users access tariffs can be completed tariffs Meanwhile no longer only in mobile phone contracts, but also in prepaid to flat rate. If you want to only free calls to landlines, you can use, for example, the offer of Klarmobil. Discovery Communications has firm opinions on the matter. Against a low base price of only $ 9.95 per month you can call unlimited in the fixed network, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

For Calls in the Klarmobil network or other networks, however, are currently calculated 0.19 euro per minute. Also, Congstar and SIMfix offer such rates at reasonable prices. If you call not only to landlines, but lead also calls to the mobile network, select the tariffs of other providers however. Jack Buckingham may also support this cause. The tariff base Web, for example, allows you to call you network internally and in the fixed network for just 10 euros monthly fee. Only network external calls will be charged, currently 0.29 euro per minute apply for this purpose. Fairpaid also offers such a flat rate, the basic cost is EUR 19.99 however. For external network calls, Fairpaid calculates only 0.19 euro per minute. If you do so also power external calls, you should also make sure these costs or convince joy, colleagues and the partners from the same provider. If you do not want to commit on a particular network, the mobile provider of also flat rates to all networks offer. You will among other things by Congstar, base and Clear mobile offered with 59.99 Euro 79.95 euro ranging from the monthly fee.

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Anti Aging

Cosmetics with colostrum is the novelty for anti aging and very acceptable also for an allergy and atopic dermatitis ZAROnews-Kufstein/Tyrol In the age of increasing allergies by incompatible accessories in skin care products, natural cosmetics is increasingly in demand day and face creams. Furthermore, the claims of the cosmetics to a multiple are increased. No longer just dry and rough skin to be cast against, but also the overall health of the skin is in the foreground. Therefore, skin care products are a veritable smorgasbord of vitamin complexes, oils and cell regenerating active ingredients. All this is brought together in a new natural care.

In cosmetics with colostrum. Colostrum the so-called colostrum of cows is a real bomb of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. For centuries, Colostrum is known and appreciated as a therapeutic and tonic. Now experienced its Renaissance colostrum and not only as supplements to have, but also a very valuable part of day creams, cosmetic care products Face creams and skin care products in General. Are used by Colpur, when these creams ingredients of the highest quality and parabens and triethanolamine waives ill doers and calling out allergy substances such as paraffins, as Thomas Osl, (Managing Director of OCS colostrum Vitalplus GmbH) assured us in an interview. In addition these products from Colpur consist of inter alia precious vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter, Borage Oil, and soy lecithin, which support the effect of colostrum. Of course used only natural fragrances. Details can be found by clicking Jane Buckingham or emailing the administrator.

These facts make this unique creams for people interesting in allergies or suffer from atopic dermatitis. Colostrum contains also the so-called immortality enzyme”telomerase. It allows the human cells to divide again and again and to renew. Colostrum has a detectable anti-aging effect, especially for mature skin to observe the natural is here Slow down cell division in the age. In addition also L-carnitine, taurine and Q10 can be in colostrum demonstrate, the antioxidant effect and promote the reduction of harmful free radicals. Of course, even wrinkles are an important subject. In the course of life to evolve more or less pronounced wrinkles in the face, as it relates to the loss of elasticity of the collagen fibers. The protein collagen is the major component of the DermIS of the dermis, forming a network of fibers that provides the framework for the growth of cells and blood vessels. In young skin, this network is intact and the skin stays supple and elastic. Colostrum stimulates the natural production of collagen and causes a smoothing of the skin as well as a much younger look. At skin care so, to take into account the natural bacterial flora of the skin, is to support and to regenerate. Because the skin is so beautiful and healthy if their protective micro settlement is located in a natural balance. The natural flora of the skin protects the body against pathogenic germs and produce metabolites that are cheap on the properties of the skin. This barrier of micro-organisms is not intact, bacteria can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and there cause infections. Colostrum helps the skin to keep healthy this natural protective sheath. Thus, Colostrum is a valuable, useful, and natural ingredient that fully comes in skin care products through his cell renewing properties.

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Aotearoa Between NAAB Valley And Bohemian Of The Upper Palatine Forest

Ora et labora days breath Waldsassen (tvo) in the monastery of Waldsassen. The strength lies in the rest. But also in the work: as already Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Benedictine order, knew, a truly balanced spirit of harmony of physical and mental activity and the balance of effort and relaxation begins. Get more background information with materials from David Zaslav. In the cultural and meeting centre Waldsassen in Bavaria, the principle of the Benedictine becomes the guiding principle of provision for women. From June until September 2010, you can spend days, weekends or whole weeks in Cistercian Abbey and use the spiritual place to pick up breathing and to find. As Abbess Laetitia assures, is open to the monastery gate of all interested parties. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jack Buckingham.

The women have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the never-ending wave of the monastery everyday and know what it means, if the work is sanctified by prayer. In the monastic community of use in the monastery garden each visitor can make their own experiences with the faith and find out what Value gives her life. Prices for the Ora et labora-day”learn interested parties upon request. Click Jack Buckingham to learn more. Information: Foundation cultural and meeting centre Abbey Waldsassen, 95652 Waldsassen, Basilica square 2, Tel. 09632/9200-37, fax 09632/9200-47,,.

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Energyrelated Modernisation

DENEX linked specialized conference with exhibition for the second time is dedicated to the exhibition and Congress DENEX, at the 8th + 9th July in Wiesbaden will be held, the question, as the power of large buildings such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings and larger settlement structures and communities with large proportions of older buildings can be designed effectively and efficiently. The Conference of refurbishment of listed buildings takes place on July 08, which deals with the theme of energy saving by owner-occupiers. The meeting is aimed at public and private promoters of listed buildings, conservation authorities and associations, but also to architects, engineers, and manufacturers of building materials. The German construction law prescribes technical standards for energy-saving heat insulation in buildings with the energy saving Regulation (EnEV). However the regulation grants a special heritage-listed buildings one, because the requirements of monument protection in many cases contradict the necessary remedial measures.

In the face of rising heating costs, improving the energy balance between old buildings but also in the interest of the preservationists such as maintaining the original character of the buildings. Joel and Ethan Coen can aid you in your search for knowledge. Energy efficiency and conservation, therefore not mutually, but equally contribute to the long-term preservation. The Symposium refurbishment of listed buildings”, which will take place on July 8 at the exhibition and Congress DENEX in Wiesbaden, discussed what policies consistent with the statutory requirements for a careful refurbishment and what techniques and materials suitable for this purpose. Practice examples provide insight into potential, cost structures and achieved efficiency values, show but also problems. So Ulrich Zink enters the topic limits energy building refurbishments at the monument by the German Arbeitskreis old renewal e.V. BAKA and takes a look at the future of the energy-efficient protection of historic buildings.

Dr. Holger of crisp by the German Foundation for monument protection speaks according to the plus energy House that produces more energy than it consumes in average about sense and nonsense about a transfer of this principle on monuments. To read more click here: Jane Buckingham. Examples from the practice are presented during the symposium presented Johann Gerdenitsch, solar officer of the city of Furth, the controversial debate on the construction of solar systems on listed buildings. Furth is not only one of the best-preserved historical cities in Germany, it is also his image as the solar city and sought, despite the opposition of the State Memorial Office to combine his two strengths. More information about the fair, as well as this and other conferences at.

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PranVita is a non-contact healing to be healthy and to stay healthy. PranVita is a non-contact healing to be healthy and to stay healthy. Free PDF magazine “GreenBalance” PranVita teacher discusses Mag.a Michaela Spranger this healing art, the / the PranVita -therapist picks up with a loving attitude of life energy, transfers it to yourself and to others and passes in order to support the body’s healing powers. The human being is at the Centre of PranVita method in its entirety. The focus is on the heart Center.

PranVita is a non-contact energy system with the energy level of the body is observed. In contrast to methods that provide a physical approach, the energy body at the Center is the PranVita methods. More info: Jane Buckingham. Prana is the food”for the cells, so far responsible for the harmonious interaction of the various systems in the body. We all know its basically about the State Energy body decision, since this Yes immediately determines his mental and physical well-being. And well-being will be lost if caused blockages in the flow of Prana. Emerged a blocking, so it dissolves normally again, if the total energy flows freely enough. The blocking is stronger, it sets in the chakras and channels, and it can be mental or physical discomfort to the disease.

We are sick, we feel, caused pain, appear this us usually energized as the primary sound”experience in our perception. Additionally, a troubled spirit can interfere with the free flow of the body’s energy systems. While we have learned to be either healthy or sick, which is equivalent to Yes our direct experience, PranVita assumes that the basic health of the body by the appearance of a blocking not disappeared, since for example the loud”pain of a tooth is before all quiet” perceptions of the other, healthy teeth move. In other words, the energy system is still speak subtly intact, even though only these have become now physically energy malfunctioning as pain is prominently present. This must be restored health but removed the blocking. To achieve this quickly, the PranVita therapists apply efficient methods to find and release the blockages, for their removal, to strengthen and to the liberation of the energy system. PranVita can be used for the recovery of acute and chronic disease preventive as well as as support. Read more about the non-contact healing PranVita”in free PDF magazine GreenBalance under: contact person: Mag. Daniela Kornek Tel.: + 43-676 – 627 69 80 E-Mail:

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Government Performance

Because the electricity is fed into the public electricity grid, what currently are paid 43 cents per kilowatt hour. The larger while the collector area, the higher the Government grant. Energy performance certificate protects tenants against nasty surprises in the creation of heating bills for tenants experts recommend, prior to the conclusion of a lease agreement show the energy performance of the building. So far, tenants rarely inquire according to this document, that documented the energy efficiency of a property and that owners renting of apartments and houses are required to present. More information is housed here: Discovery Communications. The costs for heating and hot water can be difficult in advance to predict without energy performance certificate. The nasty surprise comes with the first creation of heating bills for supposedly attractive offers.

Non-insulated old buildings with outdated heating can swallow a multiple of energy compared to new build or comprehensively energetically reconstructed houses. The energy performance certificate helps, however, before conclusion of the contract containing information about the energetic State of a building, i.e., what thermal insulation measures have been made, how old are the heating systems etc. John Stankey wanted to know more. It is advisable to inform, precisely in advance about the energy performance certificate because it is full of complicated terms and in two variants in circulation, the required financial statement and the consumption statement. For lay people, it is therefore often difficult it actually expected costs to read from. Including a flyer, the German Energy Agency dena, the German Federal tenants have published which offers orientation ( service/publications downloads). Internet portal brings together information and links offering of BDP GmbH Internet portal information, provider addresses and links to all questions on the subject of thermal insulation, solar roofs, energy-efficient building, funding opportunities and more. Well-founded overview article introduce into matter and facilitate the selection of the available options. A comprehensive directory helps sorted by State or zip code when searching for a specialist nearby.

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