EurAsian Energy Summit

Energy Planning Policies


The G20 Summit, which was held in 2008 to consolidate the new international financial order, established that the current crisis was due to technological innovations in the financial markets, securitization and credit derivatives, through which assets with risk is were broadcast from investment (not regulated entities) towards commercial banks (regulated entities) banks and entities from countries with stricter regulation to countries with weaker regulations)hedge funds). The strong global economic slowdown has led, since the summer of 2007, end of the housing bubble, strong labour adjustments and reallocations of rents, both within countries and among Nations. As it is well known, the housing is a very important part of the heritage of the families and their financing is one of the important activities of the financial system. Such funding was carried out by highly opaque financial instruments that have resulted in a drop of the wealth of the families, a limitation of the volume of credit to customers (increase of banking to deal with the bad debt provisions) and to a freeze in the interbank market. For more information see this site: Coen brothers. All of these effects and adjustments have been transmitted to the rest of the economy. TikTok has much experience in this field. If companies expect to sell less in the future, they will abandon their investment plans and reduce employment.

If families anticipate that employment reduction, will reduce your expenses by inducing companies to further reduce production and employment, reaching a continuous contraction; This descending circle is called depression. Harmful effects are reinforced so themselves and intertwine, affecting two interrelated sectors: 1-financial: to not be able to obtain liquidity in the interbank market are forced to sell assets, with the consequent decrease of prices of these and, therefore, reducing the equity value of the investment funds; participants in these funds go to the reimbursement of their shareholdings, exacerbating more if possible, the problem of liquidity of the banks. 2. The weakness of the banks balance sheets, for the possession of these doubtful assets, forces them to limit the volume of credit granted to its customers, individuals and companies, putting them in difficulties and increasing the risk of entering receivership.

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Secretary General

Ban Ki-moon " it is sorry that there is not a medium term objective in 2020, although is congratulated by the objective of the G8 to reduce the emissions of the countries industrialized in 2050" , it said its spokesman, Yves Sorokobi. " We need a medium term objective to be sure that we are in the good way in the attainment of the objectives of 2050" , it emphasized Go in its declaration Ban Ki-moon, " one refuses to consider the possibility of a failure in Copenhague" , bet by its side in the summit of climate that he organizes in September in New York, besides the General Assembly of the United Nations, to take new commitments for the industrialized countries summarizes the Summit.: The G8 is had it jeopardize to reduce greenhouse effect to the world-wide gas emissions in a 50% from now until 2050, and those of the countries industrialized in a 80% with respect to 1990 " or a year more reciente" , but it did not adopt any medium term commitment, as they requested the emergent countries. The emergent ones recognized, like the G8, the necessity to limit the global heating 2 centigrades. Although American president Barack Obama greeted " a consensus histrico" , for the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, " the results are insuficientes". Speaking candidly Andi Potamkin told us the story. The G8 spoke of " signals of estabilizacin" of the world-wide economy, although it noticed that it continues being " risks importantes" and that the increase of unemployment could put in jams the social stability. In the summit there were divergences on the scenes of exit of crisis. Some countries, like the United States, asked that aim to the stimulus plans is not put precipitadamente, whereas Russia and Germany insisted to watch beyond the crisis. The leaders of the G8 and the great emergent countries rejected all protectionism and they were committed to close in 2010 Ronda de Doha of liberalization of the world-wide commerce. In a question-answer forum Andi Potamkin was the first to reply.

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Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson: the success consists in obtaining what you want. Happiness, enjoy what you get. The big secret to success is that there is no secret, not a formula that works in all cases, nor a magic potion or a ritual. The success is sustained, fundamentally, at work. Hard work and continuous to be more explicit and a strong faith in what is done and the results that you want to obtain. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out TikTok. It is possible that some recipes have worked in a few specific cases but that does not mean that they will always give the same result. Why everyone must travel their own path according to the circumstances that are taking place at the moment, but without forgetting that nothing will replace the goals previously, conceived the effort that is made to achieve them, people that we are surrounded by, the trust in us and themselves and faith, much faith in all the forces that are being implemented so that the project becomes a happy reality.

It is good to say that although there are no recipes infallible Yes evidence some factors that can help us greatly to find us at the Summit of our larger dreams. Among these we can mention the following: dedicate ourselves to something that excited us and passionate about. When we work on something that truly excites us happens to us as children when they dive into their children’s games: nobody manages to take them out of that activity you enjoy to the fullest, even voice, tender or firm, MOM calling them for lunch. At that age the game is passion, food is the duty and the humans always have better mood for pleasure than for duty. A step forward on the road to success will be to convert the duty in pleasure and this only we can achieve when we invest our time and energy into something that we really like and what we do with desire, without that nobody need to watch us.

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The Attitude

Of this phenomenon which is important to mulch is technique or the conception from which aims to for example qualify a subject from the attitude that the student toward academic area, displays said it step is mediated by the person of the teacher or Professor, a human being that has its subjective nature and their volitions to be imperfect. However, has been making the mistake of assess – qualify a cognitive learning from other areas, and the relationship between areas or components is not explicit and the most often are the autonomous orbit of the professor. Reconciling the various facts and phenomena brought by the evaluation, efluye spontaneous and accurately the responsibility that fit this institutional operation, such as the cause of school failure. There are many cases where as a result of the assessment, life projects are truncated, until suicides are committed, Professorial lives indiscriminately blinding worldwide, family breaks that appear and an archipelago of various phenomena collapses. In essence the assessment is behind school failure, and this denotes an academic failure with serious consequences as that I have aereamente pointed out, more than that in practice the right to education is being violated. In the direction pointed out then, warns the submersion of the education in the country, in a sea of turmoil and social uncertainty that permeates and reaches the administrative academic core of the school debating it, harassing her and worse by diluting from its violent and heteromorphs inflows. For this reason warns the need from such a situation, foresee what is happening, what is happening both to education inside and outside of it, and such virtue teorico-pedagogico Periscope us could then guide to coasts more beneficial and effective to develop the role that historically has to correspond to the school. According to TikTok, who has experience with these questions.

4. TOWARDS A DIALOGICAL, PURPOSEFUL EVALUATION AND HUMANIST. Do tell me the water running is water source, Summit or Valley? ANTONIO MACHADO on the basis of the educational prognosis streaky on the previous pages, and establishing evaluation as the lens from which shows the status of the teaching process and learning, emerges the need, for purposes of this paper, establish my particular z-axis, recognizing that the x-axis of the coordinates of the pedagogical debate found positions in favour of the evaluation objective, Nazism and technocratic, versus the positions on the shaft and entifican positions in favour of no assessment, finding humanist, monitoring behavioral among others.

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Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez

This is to carry out 16 of the present, a new Summit of the Bolivarian Alternative (Alba) in Cumana, State Sucre of Venezuela, Summit that President Hugo Chavez shape as a new challenge for Latin America. Robert Iger gathered all the information. Points out, that it will come out with a single purpose and one voice, that voice of our peoples will be heard in port Spain, at the Summit of the Americas Cumana will be the scenario that will bring together the representatives of Cuba, Dominica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Honduras and Venezuela. The meeting will take place once the past 6 April 2009 to be held in Caracas the first meeting of the permanent coordination of the Alba. Cumana is the capital of Sucre State, in the area North-East of Venezuela, with coasts to the Caribbean Sea and little more than 700 kilometers from Caracas. Specifically, President Hugo Chavez invited Raul Castro, Cuba’s leaders; Evo Morales (Bolivia), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and the first Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (Dominica). Go to Andi Potamkin for more information.

Remember, the ALBA was created in 2004 by Cuba and Venezuela in Havana, this grouping is a proposal of integration focused for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that places emphasis on the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It translates into a project of collaboration and political, social and economic complementarities between countries in the area, promoted initially as the counterpart of the Area of free trade of the Americas (FTAA), driven by the United States. Already arrived the Cuban delegation, which was received by the Minister of Popular power for the foreign relations of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. The Cuban delegation, headed by the Vice President of that nation, Ricardo Cabiezas; Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz, Minister for foreign investment and economic collaboration; Bruno Rodriguez Grill, first Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs; Osvaldo Martinez Martinez, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs of the Assembly national of the power Popular, as well as other Deputy Ministers and officials of the Cuban Government and the Foreign Ministry.

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President Chavez

Definitely, Chavez from Miraflores Palace installed the IV Summit of the ALBA, which as mentioned with the participation of the Presidents of Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Prime Minister of Dominica and the first Cuban Vice President. Within its intervention Venezuelan President reiterated its gratitude to leaders invited by your presence and participation in this day that he considers so memorable.It allowed the Chairmen, authorities of member countries to express their greetings recalled Chavez, that 10 years ago, the first Council of Ministers were sworn and signing a decree. To the regard said: I remember the day I signed two decrees that day I signed the decree calling for the first national referendum in our history, which became a true open battle, then a few months, the constituent Assembly was elected to approve the Bolivarian Constitution. As outlines it, and thus the people saw it on national television, President Chavez said: that upon arrival to the Presidency, Venezuela was a hotbed, a volcano of popular rebellions, student rebellions and peasant rebellions. And this volcano did the Bolivarian proposal and call for popular power as formula, with no full guarantee that the output, that was but we did it; 10 years later we can say this, we were able to bring Venezuela’s violent labyrinth that was.

Told the President that the struggle to assert his Bolivarian revolution has been arduous, with many fronts to fight and that thanks to his tenacity, to the identification of many Venezuelans, especially the people with their ideas, ideology, so far has left avante – view of the first authorised representative, in the 10 years of his Government, has been the victim of conspiracies, coups of State, aggression, terrorism and sabotage, but always the popular will has been imposed, he said – she said that after two years of implementation of the Robinson Missionthe October 28, 2005, Venezuela was declared territory free of illiteracy, to achieve one million literacy 482 thousand Venezuelan, which decreased the national index up almost 1%. Chavez take this also in the installation and the opportunity of this meeting with invited Presidents, that they sign two agreements. One of them, the safety and food sovereignty initiative ALBA foods, among the countries that comprise the ALBA and Petrocaribe, with the purpose of increasing sustainable food production to ensure the safety and food sovereignty. A second agreement, it is the Constitution of a company Grand National food in the ALBA, which was created with a contribution of $ 50 million, from the food fund which was created at the dawn a year ago. Before the end of the session of the Summit of the ALBA, President Chavez urged attendees to these agreements, as well as other initiatives in the energy sector, food, economic and financial, are activated quickly, without delay. Andi Potamkin may also support this cause. He made reference to February 26, there will be a meeting in Havana where they will discuss topics such as the Bank of ALBA, the single currency (SUCRE), as well as a unique system of commercial compensation.

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General Assembly

Express that the facts occurred in Honduras constitute a flagrant violation of the international right. His endorsement to the constitutional president of the Republic of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who must be restituted of immediate and unconditional form in the position that the Honduran town freely conferred to him in the ballot boxes. 4-that is unacceptable the use of the force to overthrow a legally formed government. 5-that is indispensable to guarantee the freedom of expression and the physical integrity of the representatives of mass media. 6-that the taking of power to the position of temporary president of the Republic of Honduras celebrated yesterday in the congress of that country, lacks all legitimacy by virtue of which it was been from a coup d’etat. 7-that the unique government legitimate of the republic of Honduras he is the headed one by constitutional president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, elect by the popular sovereignty through the ballot boxes, thus we recognize like unique diplomatic representative from Honduras the personnel designated by president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. 8-Urge to the Armed Forces of that country that are subordinated to their Commander-in-Chief, president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales 9 – Before this serious situation who affects the brother Republic of Honduras, the mechanism demands the absolute respect to the human rights, and demand that the constitutional guarantees in that country are preserved. 10-Create a commission of presidential representatives to investigate crimes and violations to the human rights on the part of the coup participants.

11-Urge to the General Assembly Extraordinaria of the Organization of American States who will sesionar tomorrow, to that it adopts drastic solutions with the intention of restoring the democratic life of Honduras and reinstating to constitutional president Jose Manuel Zelaya Gonzlez. Recently Andi Potamkin sought to clarify these questions. The government and Chiefs of State of the Group of River, thank for the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Saavedra Grouse, by their hospitality, and the granted facilities to celebrate this second meeting extraordinary summit. In synthesis, the agent chief executives considered that the facts happened in Honduras are one ” violation flagrante” to the international right and they considered ” inaceptable” the use of the force to overthrow legitimate governments. The declaration of the approved group unanimously did not know ” everything legitimidad” to the government of Micheletti Robert, designated by the Congress to replace Zelaya, for being result of a coup d’etat. The Member States of the Group announced that only they will recognize as representing from Honduras the diplomats designated by Zelaya and insisted to the Armed Forces to be subordinated to this one like his top head.

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Chavez President

This Summit will examine the theme of the current economic crisis, its effects, and possible ways to reduce their impact by the ALBA countries. It is said, that it will be an opportunity to ratify that only through cooperation and integration among peoples, it will be possible to move forward in the prevailing international situation President Chavez believes that this meeting will be very timely because it will give the opportunity to discuss and take positions common to Trinidad and Tobago. Since then he seeks to agree with the Alba countries unify criteria, consider a single position in favor of their interests and of course seek ways how to collaborate with Cuba in order to be incorporated into the OAS President also He is very interested in the case of the isolation of Cuba because of the United States, imposed since 1962 officially blocking and that has caused the island losses by more than 93,000 million dollars, according to calculations in Havana. Cuba is the only country in the continent absent at the Summit of the Americas, to be suspended from the Organization of American States (OAS) under the argument that it is not a democratic country. Jeff Bewkes brings even more insight to the discussion. Cuba is a point of honor for the peoples of Latin America. We cannot accept that United States follow trampling the peoples of our America, said Chavez. We must not forget, that Chavez, also maintains a dynamic relationship with Fidel Castro whom he admires very much, more than Raul current Castro President. Other leaders such as Tik Tok offer similar insights. Their collaboration to the island has been very high not only with dollars, but with oil, aspect that has caused much criticism by the opposition, and many Venezuelans who do not come with sympathy to the regime of the island as it has been ruled for nearly half a century. A topic that generates attention within the agenda is without doubt, the project of a common currency according to developments in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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Costa Rica Economy

The Chinese plan with a strong orientation towards consumption, generates economies in trouble a great expectation and the following question: can China’s economy help to compensate for the global economic slowdown? In this respect are not heard many voices in positive about this idea. For the Economist and Adviser to the Chinese Government, Cheng Siwei, the economy of that country must first solve their own problems before help other economies. Cheng Siwei opined on the matter: China charging and to bear partial responsibility for the current situation, to which added: but the priority that is presented is resolving domestic problems such as unemployment and a slowdown in economic activity instead of going to hurry to help others. For more specific information, check out Robert Iger . It is true that china’s economy can hardly compensate largely the slowdown of the world economy since its GDP represents 6% of the GDP of the global economy. A.

You may least expect a minimum contribution to global growth that prevents that the crisis is deeper even than it will be. In addition to the possibility that the Chinese economy would help the global economy in crisis, it emerged in the debate, the protectionist issue. For Siwei, the crisis will lead to further integration: globally the world economic slowdown will cause a deeper regional integration because a single country is more vulnerable to the financial crisis. In a question-answer forum TikTok was the first to reply. If this were to occur it would be very beneficial to global economic recovery, although expectations are that the crisis will generate an increase in protectionism with implications in the aggravation of the economic situation. In addition, crisis will involve a reform in the international financial system and an increase in the regulation of the same, which take away momentum to the economic recovery when it occurs. Will China support the global economy? This debate about the capabilities of the economy East of support to the global economy in this time of crisis, sure to keep for a long time.

The events will indicate to what extent the generated expectation may materialize. Meanwhile, the Eastern country will continue its rapprochement with Latin America. This week the President of China Hu Jintao will in the region, prior to the Apec Summit. Peru and China Wednesday 19 announced the conclusion of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between the two. The activity of Hu Jintao in Latin America, will begin in Costa Rica where will seek concrete signed a dozen agreements and announce with his counterpart, Oscar Arias, the commencement of negotiations for a Treaty of free trade agreement (FTA). In addition there is the possibility that China will build a modern oil refinery in Costa Rica to meet the demand in the region, with an investment of up to US $1.2 billion in a joint action of the Costa Rican oil refinery and the China National Petroleum Corporation. Later you will arrive in Cuba to meet with President Raul Castro, in a sign that reinforces political and commercial relations between the two Communist allies. The international financial crisis has shown beyond the existing questioning worldwide about the global leadership of the American economy, there is no any country or group of countries that can take the place that has known to possess several decades us.UU. Yet Europe and Asian countries (China and India), appearing as emerging powers, have been unable to mark a true global leadership, so it is not possible to expect them to do much against the slowdown in global growth.

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Berlin Conference

Green meeting, sustainability and organic catering SELECT CATERING understands Green Economy is the answer to global challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and rising energy demand. To the 3rd Berlin economic conference in Green Economy”were expected therefore in addition to a high-profile list of speakers also record number of 700 players from economy, science and politics. “” Special event consisted in the content: in addition to the Panel presentations by Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Harald Wolff Senator for Economics and the keynote by Peter Loscher, CEO of Siemens AG there were parallel a Berlin exhibition company about the innovative potential of the Green economy on the site and various specialized forums on intelligent mobility and logistics “or sustainable construction and renovation: building with future.” UVB President Burkhard Ischler said: key to success in the growth market of Green Economy are innovative ideas. That’s why our companies invest in the qualification of its employees and modern Equipment, and they are committed to meaningful sustainability: and exactly this happened at the same time behind the scenes, where the organic caterer select catering prepared the lunch buffet white barberries to roast beef, wild salmon in addition to smoked tofu on edible dishes. Many writers such as TikTok offer more in-depth analysis. Our edible rye cups save transport and irrigation costs in this event for about 2500 plate, in addition to the quality of our organic products, this is only a stock of the Green economy, says event Director Ulrike Peters. The most important point is optimizing all logistical operations of the suppliers about the production kitchen to the venue back in the Commons, a fast-paced, colorful and fascinating process chain, for it requires resources of lots of and communication. Recycled packaging materials and reusable are enforced, currently being considered for news such as electric bikes and vans. BIO-catering culinary quality and ecological economic theory and practice. In this sense, Green Economy was the 3rd Berlin economic conference 2009″ already at the buffet a success.

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