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Alsace In The Change Of The Times

Constantly changing oppressors, occupiers and ruler over the last 2,000 years have shaped the culture, language and traditions in Alsace until today. Constantly changing oppressors, occupiers and ruler over the last 2,000 years have shaped the culture, language and traditions in Alsace until today. Karl G. Engels draws in his book the life of Alsatian, German Emperors and French kings”the historically relevant stages and allows this way understanding of the uniqueness of this magnificent region. Much has been written about landscape, art, folklore, or wine of Alsace already, much less frequently, however, about the eventful history of the area between the Vosges and the Rhine. Details can be found by clicking CBS or emailing the administrator. “Is all the more interesting that Karl G. Engels has evaluated a wide range of historical sources, in his new book, the life of the Alsatian German Emperors and French kings” to explain how the historical events have impacted on the country and its people. Even if the book title misleading appears, because Angel is not limited to the centuries under the rule of the French or German nobility, but all relevant facts of the history in chronological order represents already since Roman times worth reading his book is always.

Informative and entertaining, the reader knows how Angel to pull more under the spell of the historical developments from side to side. It enriches historical facts and anecdotes with his personal experiences in the Alsace and makes his book, also thanks to his easy writing style, an entertaining read. The designs of the ambitious recreational historian illustrate the countless upheavals which the Alsatians, quasi exposed again and again as the plaything of powerful interests of changing potentate of. Learns human fates in the focus of the reader among other things, how and where is the ancient Romans have perpetuated until today in the Alsace region, which a climate phenomenon between 300 to 630 n.Ch. at that time meant for people as wars, famines and epidemics on the population density worked out what existence eked out farmers and craftsmen in the middle ages and the consequences it had that the title of nobility was suddenly inherited after 900 n.Ch.. Numerous photos and sketches in the book illustrating and documenting what is happening in the course of time.

Objectively and without prejudice the historical processes and background regarded Angel unencumbered by political and ideological prejudices or considerations so as they have actually taken place. Rarely has been so far in this clarity gives, which is why Alsace, is a bone of contention over the centuries boundaries between Germany and France was back and torn. Thus, this book makes a valuable contribution to improve understanding between Alsatians and Germans. To the point: Edwards ‘ comprehensive work is not only historically interested, but all those who visit the Alsace and know better learn to. Karl G. Engels life of Alsatian, German Emperors and French kings sequence media production 2012 ISBN Author of 978-3-940190-71-0 23.50 (D), 24.20 EUR (A) about the Karl G. Engels, vol. 1943, studied economics at the University of Cologne. After graduation he worked in business for over thirty years, seven years in the United States of America. The author lives temporarily in his country house in Northern Alsace. Press contact: Dr. Gestmann & partner the attention of agency Colmantstr. 39 D – 53115 Bonn Tel.: + 49 (0) 228 966 998 54

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