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Alternative Energy

How good to live in the country! Nature, fresh air, no noise – and the rest of the year. All you can do to your liking – to arrange a garage, put lanterns in the garden, dig a pond – and here it is, complete independence and Independence! But, unfortunately, all thoughts of independence lost with the first power outages, which, with our ground power lines is not uncommon. Especially when it comes to the village, where addressing the consequences of even a small accident could take several days. And if electricity is lost in winter, and you have all the heating is connected to the network? Holidays would be hopelessly corrupt, and you'll have to go to a bustling city with bad mood. But do not worry ahead of time, because we live in the 21st century, the century of new technologies and alternative energy! And today, to be independent from cables and emergency service workers is possible and even necessary. For this purpose, mixed power plants running on solar and wind energy. Recently Robert Iger sought to clarify these questions. They do not occupy much space on the site, and are able to maintain a constant flow of electricity throughout day and night.

If you frequently visited countries in Europe, you are probably already familiar with wind generators, which are up almost along every highway. But this production installation of high power, but we're talking about home stations. They can be ordered in one day, the plant can be as independent (for small wind turbines), and the brigade when the unit weighs about a ton. Power of modern wind turbines ranging from 300W (Portable windmills) to 10 000 W (stationary mast about 12 meters). The initial wind speed is about 2 or 3 meters per second at optimum power wind turbine will be released at 8 meters. The energy received station will be stored in batteries, inverted to AC 220V and then fed into the network.

Solar panels are also widely used for household energy, particularly in Mediterranean countries, where many sunny days a year. However, this does not mean that our sun does not allow use of its energy, after all, we have about 100-150 days, we have consistently sunny, and that this figure should be produced to calculate the solar energy. Install solar cells can be on rooftops, as they are not afraid of mechanical influences, or separately on towers or poles. Very easy to install them on the masts of wind generators. For a complete energy house, under our conditions to establish optimal hybrid complex "sun – wind," each of the components of which complements the other. Thus, it is logical that a sunny day, almost no wind, batteries will be recharged but from the solar cells. With the departure of the sun usually rises at an average power of the wind turbine and the work begins. Also, they rotate well at night, when there is movement of air masses under exposure to temperature changes. Thus, even with how long the power lines, you will be provided free and clean energy that will heat, light and comfort to create a your home.

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