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Author Michael Grandt

Read the full interview on the Advisor-news blog, the “black book Waldorf” by Michael Grandt has moved many minds in recent weeks and sparked fierce debate. The “Covenant of the free Waldorf schools” has denied the accuracy of many passages in the book, which the Publisher was forced to redact individual points, to resell to. Elke Reihl has an interview led with the author Michael Grandt, was released on 30 October this year at RatgeberNews blog for a wide audience of readers. To dispel any misunderstandings in the run-up, the author (Elke Reihl) of the Blogbeitrages decided blog Waldorf experience only negative word to let, which neglected in other forums, because they are literally immediately bombarded by Waldorf supporters. It is often seen in various forums Wal village critical people partially are referred to, berated as a liar and defamed. The author has unfortunately must determine that are a certain number of Waldorf fanatics accept after relatively short time in forums of this topic and proceed in the described manner. It was therefore intimidating for anyone who wants to add a critical post or comment. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree. Woman Reihl points it does again and again that she want a decision aid to parents who are faced with the choice of a school, and that’s why she is a forum on RatgeberNews blog Walton village kritikern, because they come too short for your taste in public. Makes it clear, that she does not pretend the truth, but want to provide only information. As then someone decides personally irrelevant for them. It is important to show that is often the criticism of the “black book Waldorf” by Michael Grandt is carried out by lobbyists, many outsiders completely unquestioned taken seriously and learn this as only valid truth, where you decided an any other opinion on the other side of the medal so that short coming. You therefore also the legitimate question arises, where the lobby of that Is people who have had negative experiences. You tried to create a small balance from this Kalki and does her opinion rightly. Also can be reported according to their first then objectively, when it comes not only to defend against an opponent. For those who are interested in this topic, must be said necessarily that on 17 November 2008, at 17:05 in the SWR 2 Forum (radio) Michael Grandt and Henning Kullak-Ublick, Board of Directors of “Covenant of the free Waldorf schools”, discussing about the foundations of Waldorf education. Udo’s houses

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