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Blugari Omnia – The Sensual Fragrance Of The Lady

The sensual Oriental women’s fragrance comes from the famous House of Bulgari and was in the year 2003 as a further exceptional women’s fragrance released. The women’s fragrance created in 2003 by Alberto Morillas and enchants with its sensual and oriental scents. The top notes of cardamom, invigorating ginger, Mandarin and fiery pepper paired with a pinch of exclusive saffron Omnia on an exceptionally sensuous and yet refreshing way opened the women’s fragrance. The unfolding Middle note a slightly spicy mixture of almond, nutmeg, fresh clover, cinnamon, Chai massala and Lotusbute gives the scent of his Oriental charisma. The sensual women’s fragrance is rounded off with the base notes of sandalwood, Guaica-wood, tonka bean and special touch of white chocolate.

This special mixture gives the scent of his extraordinary and reminiscent of Oriental sensuality. The Omnia women’s fragrance from the House of Bulgari is as Eau de Parfum in sizes 25 ml (42 euros), 40 ml (62 euros) and 65 ml (79 euros). Supplemented the series through the deodorant available also on bvlgari/bvlgari-omnia.aspx spray with the capacity 100 ml (26 ml), as well as the body lotion 200 ml (43 euros) and the refreshing shower gel 200 ml (38 euro). The history of the brand Bvlgari leads back to the year 1884. Sotirio Bulgari, who came from a Greek family of silversmiths, founded the first business. To attract customers from England and America Sotirio gave the name “Old Curiosity Shop” his shop, after a novel of by Charles Dickens. Soon new branches were opened due to the success in Italy.

The products were expanded in the 1970s, and high-quality linen, leather goods and eyewear to the already existing range were added in the 1990s. Bvlgari celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2009. In cooperation with Marriott, its own hotel chain was founded by the great success, due. On Bali and in Milan the Bvlgari excellent 5-star hotels are located. The Bvlgari brand is primarily known through her Range of high-quality watches and jewelry. The high-quality and modern pieces consist of white and yellow gold. The collection is characterised by the combination of classic and modern style. Limited pieces of jewelry are very popular especially among collectors. But there is much more on variety of products offers the range of Bvlgari. The product range of the company in addition to exclusive men’s and women’s fragrances include high-quality leather goods and Lady cloths. in 1992, Bvlgari Cologne brought his first perfume in the market tee au vert. It was the typical scent of the brand, and it was followed by many other perfumes with as much success. The perfumes for sensuality and elegance are all based on a note of green tea.

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