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The Summit of the Atlantic Alliance, held this week in Bucharest, is the last great gathering of the military structure of the West involving President Bush. The Imperator became the Romanian lands after a journey that took him to Ukraine, country candidate, along with Georgia, to integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). A perspective that greatly dislike the autocrats of the Kremlin, worried about the constant approach of the armies of the Empire, of another Empire, to the borders of mother Russia. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Harriet Walter and gain more knowledge.. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the breakup of the so-called socialist camp and the dissolution of its defence system, the Warsaw Pact, rival strategic alliance, the majority of countries who were in the Muscovite orbit became part of NATO. After the integration, in 2004, Romania and Bulgaria, States that lie in the religious and cultural confines of the Balkans, the intended border last call makes more than one decade by the former Estado Secretary Madeleine Albright, was just pending inclusion in the strategic map of the region’s three tiny countries: Albania, Croatia and Macedonia.

Their integration was included in the agenda of the Bucharest Summit, which the inveterate atlantistas not hesitate to qualify as the most important meeting of NATO since the end of the cold war. Vanessa Morgan has much experience in this field. It was necessary to eliminate a last hurdle: the veto by Greece to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, whose name is concerned about politicians in Athens. Greece has a northern region called Macedonia that, from the historical point of view, could pose problems when it comes to a possible (though for now hypothetical) territorial claim by the authorities of Skopje. More difficult seems the Bush administration nod to other candidates in power, Ukraine and Georgia, countries bordering the Russian Federation whose integration could lead to the deterioration of relations Economic and energy between the Kremlin and the EU capitals. For more specific information, check out Sean Rad.

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