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In a statement to Catalunya Radio, Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona, accused Real Madrid into allegations of doping to the Catalan club that made the COPE and asked the Board of Sandro Rosell to act more forcefully in matters of this kind. It is clear that Real Madrid is behind the accusations of doping, said the current political. Laporta was based on the following arguments: first because said it the Messenger, and second because the Madrid has not filed any lawsuit against COPE, although they are still in time of apologizing, said the former President of FC Barcelona. On the other hand, Laporta also expressed his opinion about how you are managing this matter the Catalan directive: what to do the President and his Board is getting upset less and act more forcefully against those who slander to Barca. And that is against the COPE and the Madrid.

It’s a shame that it is not tolerated. Former President cule believes that the Board of Rosell had to leave immediately in defense of the honor of his players: we are talking about a disgrace which should not be tolerated. What they should do the President and his Board is getting upset less with former managers of the club and act more forcefully against those who slander to Barcelona: the Cope and the Madrid. On the guarantees that he and seven of its directors must submit, Laporta said: if it is necessary, we will do it. But the judge had shown opposite and changed his approach by pressures of the current Board. On the opposite side, Mourinho said in press conference on March 17: I do not understand, do not want to understand and have anger who understands for doping before the questions related with the accusations by Cadena Cope to Barca and Valencia of doping. However, there is a video online of an Inter-Palermo during the era in which he was responsible for the bench of Inter which shows how the Portuguese makes a gesture with his hands simulating a prick in reference, apparently, to the performance of his players, that they won at that time by 4-0.

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