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Chattanooga Electric Therapy

New electrotherapy of Chattanooga in SVG SVG medical systems relies on innovative therapy devices, especially for physiotherapists and doctors. Further details can be found at Jeffrey L. Bewkes, an internet resource. The electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy, proven for many years and scientifically researched, especially for treating pain and promoting blood circulation successfully inserted. With the assortment of Chattanooga, the world’s leading manufacturers of physiotherapy equipment, putting on intelligent system solutions for any size practice. Each unit can be equipped according to wishes and later easily upgraded with additional modules. Whether vacuum module, laser module, or mobile treatment cart through the convenient plug-in system is an upgrade”to child’s play.

The Intelect devices boast all the appealing, modern and sophisticated design and ease of use. The top model, the Intelect advanced color sets here even on a graphic color display. The Chattanooga series has many features on board, looking in vain for other devices”, explains the benefits of electrotherapy models Joachim Schober of SVG. Is available from the Intelect advanced even a medical knowledge collection directly on the display and by a chip card system the presets for patients can be saved by the placement of the electrodes up to the different therapy parameters”, so Saito. For mobile use the Intelect mobile are predestined combo and Intelect mobile Stim. Compact dimensions and the possibility of the optional battery are benefits that you can appreciate in everyday use in the patients on the spot. Send padded carry bag as an accessory not only space for the unit, but also for all other necessary trifles”offers in electrotherapy. Of course to get not only the electrotherapy equipment, but also the complete accessories with us in the online-shop at”, explains Joachim Schober from SVG medical systems.

Electrodes and ultrasound gel the SVG brand are for all units in various sizes and grades in stock. Despite the ease of use of electrotherapy equipment from Chattanooga, SVG sets on a personal briefing on the spot, offered in Germany and Austria. “At the time of purchase, the customer is directly in be” assigned a unit to the scene. This is our service, so can the therapist directly and electrotherapy from the first minute to perfectly enjoy the many benefits of Chattanooga”, Joachim Schober brings it to the point.

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