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All this time we hardly slept. I dozed off the last half hour before the assault. We do not even realize that it was a storm – so fast it all happened. We are so tired, sat in an enclosed space and still, the constant tension that does not perceive what is happening is real. At Comcast you will find additional information. I finally believed in liberation, just as I was led into the street. Spike Lee often addresses the matter in his writings. What helped you to not lose self-control? Faith.

All this time I prayed piously believed, that should happen a miracle. And felt hundreds of miles away, my mother prayed with me. I felt the power, love and energy to his parents, and it helped me maintain the strength of spirit. I could not afford to be depressed and did not allow others to whine and be afraid. As events unfolded in front of the theater by storm? I sat in the fourth row in the stalls. recognizes the significance of this.

We could not sleep, though like scary. One Chechen said: "We are absolutely sure that you all will blow up with us. Must appoint an assault, which will end because we will not fight with anyone and just press this button. " And we feared most of the assault. The next day evening we were told: "Good news. Everything will be fine. They went on to an agreement. It suits us. Behave calmly. We are not animals. We do not kill you if you sit quietly and calmly. " In the end, all instantly relaxed, began to smile, drink, and even the toilet was allowed to walk freely.

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