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China Mao Tsetung

The money does not speak, swears. Bob Dylan great concern has been given in Italy due to the fact that China with its master and technological advance of copying and imitation has been making inroads into various products among the fashionable clothes, food, manufacturing them in such a way that it is very difficult to recognize their real originality, since then it has not been very accepted by the Italian authorities, until the end that a delegation has been has been discussing the matter with the Government of that country. All this is agega that China Mao Tsetung manufactures products such as textiles, clothing and shoes to the style. They are articles of low quality, but with prices within the reach of all budgets, especially in this time of crisis. They compete with the Made in Italy of excellent quality but with costs up to the stars. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert A. Iger on most websites.

Carla Maldonado. Correspondent in Milan, says that an example of this can be seen in the streets of any Italian city. In Milan, the chinatown (zone sarpi), captures the attention not only of immigrants, but also of the Italians. In this small universe sold everything at prices unbeatable and unthinkable at other stores, even in the street markets: a pant to 13 euros (against 40 euros in balance), a 5 euro (against 30 euros in balance) shirt, a sweater at 12 euros (against 50 euros in balance). Interesting thing is, as China thanks to imitation and to manufacture goods at low costs, by having a cheap labour, can compete with low prices as you do and conquer markets, especially the lower class which is a representative number in countries where ventures, as in the case that we are not talking Italy. Tells Carla in the daily El Comercio that the Chinese already were the target of low purchasing power customers, now attacking the middle sector, which represents 85% of Italian production.

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