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The leader of the Bolivarian revolution announced, in this regard, that this Thursday will inaugurate the ruso-venezolano Bank, which will have a capital of 200 million dollars. He explained that the binational Bank seeks to give credits to the industry, energy and agricultural sectors, as well as closer economic relations between the two countries. ar adds us, countries of the Arab League and South America recently held Summit in Doha claimed the end of financial speculation to avoid new economic crises and aparcaron the thorny issue of the arrest warrant issued against Sudanese President Omar the Bechir, who did not appear in the final declaration. The second Summit between the two regions stressed the need to establish an international financial system that prevents financial speculation, said the final Declaration of the Summit as a day which was attended by the 22 members of the Arab League and 12 countries of South America.

We must strengthen the mechanisms for cooperation between the countries of the South to prevent crises and poverty, adds the final text, three of whose signatories – Argentina, Brazil and Saudi Arabia-, they will participate in the G20 London Summit. Since 2005, when Brasilia hosted the first Summit of the ASPA (Arab South America), some countries, like Brazil, have tripled their trade with the Arabs. According to data of the Arabo-brasilena Chamber of Commerce, the trade relations between both blocks reached 17.976 million dollars in 2007. The trade balance is favorable to South America, which exported products worth 10.653 million dollars and imported $ 7.323 million dollars. The largest South American exporters to Arab countries were Brazil and Argentina, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for Arab part. The final Declaration also demanded the resumption of negotiations to find a solution to the dispute Britanico-Argentino by Falkland Islands – what is denied London.

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