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Corporate Leadership Council

The worker in the age of the necessary knowledge of some abilities extra-functionaries to face the new professional scene as, for example: preference for risks; compulsion for speed to be able to follow the technological evolution that, many times, is imposed in them; disrespect for tradition; lack of fear of imperfections. These are some basic aspects for the young workers. for speaking in young workers, what these think on the work? Second report of Corporate Leadership Council (CLC), the young workers prefer a career formed for a series of pulls and not of steps. They hierarchically prefer a career constructed in markets the one constructed career. For the young, empowerment is acquired with ability and not with position in the organization charts, at the same time that the professional choice is not more between the companies and yes between the specialization or the generalization of the chosen profession.

Finally, what already it was cited previously, but it deserves reinforcement is the question of the rotation. The rotation is a strategy of career waited and accepted for the organizations and the professionals. On the basis of the report of the CLC, we can still verify what the professionals long for. Between the young professionals it has the necessity of excellent leadership, of great mentors and of you do not command. It must have external equalization, that is, the same chances in the market for the work that is exerted inside of the current company. The wage it must be equivalent to the one of the market. Young professionals want support with comprehensive and beneficial learning and feedback, in substitution the punishment and retaliation. What she is necessary so that the Conscription and Election obtains to catch in the work market, the adjusted functional profile for the vacant that if find in open; we suggest here ten steps for one better definition of the professional profile, being they: Converse anticipatedly with the manager who requested the fulfilling of the vacant.

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