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Cultural Plan

We will have a momentum very large on the theme of public libraries, we are going to work together with the Ministry of national education, we will have a very significant component in terms of technology and connectivity, said Thursday the Minister of culture, Mariana Garces, during the presentation that made the National Development Plan in your area. After the visit of President Juan Manuel Santos to Palace Echeverri, the Minister stopped making a detailed list, area by area, the priorities for this administration. In the Act, that Ministry portfolio to the was the subject of exaltation by President Santos, who said that the Ministry of culture is like jewels, small but very important. Read more here: Joel and Ethan Coen . In the rest of the quadrennium, the Ministry will work by reading along with the education. Continuing the momentum of the reading promotion is one of the priorities of this Government, who will point to perform work together from education, the objective being to generate habits in children and radically change the figures from early childhood.

The perspective in terms of employment is to create 6,000 jobs formal infrastructure, heritage and cultural entrepreneurship. A figure which in the eyes of national unemployment may seem unimportant, but if you consider the sector, speaking of formality and direct jobs can be significant. The intention of positioning the cultural sector as an engine of economic growth has been in the past 12 years one of the priorities of several Governments. In that line, continue the formalization and professionalization of some artistic disciplines is essential, through the Seine and universities, in a program that not only gives academic training, but homologous years experience. One of the great challenges of the Ministry of culture during the quadrennium is the creation and implementation of ten-year plans of theater and dance. While other areas such as film, literature, music, and heritage have taken huge steps towards its consolidation as a sector, the dance – with a recent plan that must be put in place – and theater – that is barely in construction – need both roadmaps and clear strategies that complement what sector has built.

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