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Despite the fact that sometimes the circumstances do not make it possible, escapes no one that in general the best form of custody over the children after the break-up of a couple is the shared type. What is a shared custody arrangement? It is important to clarify that this form of custody does not imply to the contrary to what many people might believe, a perfectly equitable sharing of their time, to fifty per cent, between both parents. Instead, it assumes that the two share responsibilities on them in every day, and should cooperate and act by mutual agreement in matters relating to the minor. In terms of the distribution of the time with them, this could be made as agreed both parents. Thus, this might work although children spend much more time with one of them with the other.

Its most noteworthy aspects obviously is an ideal choice, because it involves a full involvement by both former partners in their children’s lives, without having to be neither of them aside from the same. However, it requires a great effort and commitment so can function properly. It may not be entirely pleasant view to a former partner of continuously after the break, but have no place this fluid relationship this form of custody ever it might work. Furthermore, it is clear that friction and disagreements arise over time. Speak calmly and constructively will be the best way to redirect the situation and restore calm to this custody.

The need to respect the rules an indispensable element in any regime of custody, and particularly in the shared, is the need to secure and respect a certain discipline and guidance for children, so that they feel that the rules they must adhere do not change of a home to another. And it is that it is common after a divorce one parent to behave more strictly than the other, which may end up being puzzling for those. Therefore, both should be agreement on aspects as the hour of bedtime, gifts or the completion of homework. Moreover, in no case the authority of the other parent in front of the children should be lowered. By contrast, necessary maintain the possible friction with him in private, showing a common position before the children. Ultimately, it must be the anger and resentment that could feel sometimes towards each other from one side, establishing as a priority properly meet the needs of the children and not interfering with the custody of the other parent. Conclusions to take into account all these basic principles respecting it may be possible that a shared custody arrangement would work in practice. A fluid dialogue with the former couple will be essential in this, and despite the troubles and frustrations that could lead, in the end worth opting for this form of custody. Begona basin Alcanie original author and source of the article.

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