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Decoration Specialist TapetenJOE Brings

A brand new creation by the decoration specialist TapetenJOE in the home of diamonds products GmbH recaptured the living room. Turn your home into a room with a view and provide a pleasant atmosphere with stylish photo wallpapers. These self-adhesive photo wallpapers put in positive moods, lets dive into distant worlds to travel, or lying on the beach and lend your already extravagant ambience, that certain something. provides with the self-adhesive photo wallpapers this simple and yet so brilliant style means a further contribution to the well-being and brings us a little harmony and vacation in the living room. This photo wallpapers are self-adhesive, easy to install and back removable. Only the protective film must be removed from the adhesive side, and already the door wallpaper on the desired door or other smooth surfaces can be glued. The self-adhesive photo wallpapers can be simply solved off by their special materials on demand / pull off without leaving traces. Leslie Moonves: the source for more info.

Depending on the size, they have self-adhesive photo wallpapers high produced a varying number of items which are photo wall-papers, in a neat and professional installation no transitions look this. All motifs are designed can cut on all sides, without causing a loss of the overall effect of the photo wallpaper. The density of the presentation is amazing, this photo wall-papers are printed in high-resolution quality and all-round harmonious atmosphere. To TapetenJOE TapetenJOE – your online shop, decoration specialist, companion, and contact person for wall & residential design! Order over 5,000 articles easy, secure & fast at TapetenJOE and is this comfortable home supply – online shopping with quality! The name of the Web shop sounds casual, the range is huge: offers unusual wall decorations beyond conventional wallpaper Collections. Razor-sharp photo wallpapers, high quality design wallpaper, 2D-Wandobjekte and 3D decorative wall letters can be ordered here. In addition there’s colorful for the nursery, Boardprints on AluDibond and self adhesive door- and photo wallpaper. Wallpapers with many themes and designs, as well as a large number of photo wallpapers are the focus of the offer. Depending on the size, they consist of several parts that clearly numbered and come with instructions in the House. Important for narrow rooms and low ceilings: all photo wallpaper on each side can be trimmed without losing their effect.

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