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Deprogramming Old Age

a Deprogramming old age live all stages of our life with more or less consciousness and, unconsciousness, or a little more clarity, there comes a time when we feel that we feared at one stage and yet somehow desired-all want to live many years, which we call old age. This word in our civilization only has negative connotations because it is associated with disease, decay and finally death. However, other less civilized societies, the old are called elderly and occupy privileged social standing. These two very different ways of understanding this period of life, invites us to consider that there are two social forms of seeing, evaluating, positioning and integrating people, as a birthday: Some so-called primitive societies, there is no discrimination to any person because you’re older, or is deemed to have less capacity for it, because it draws the good of society the experience and wisdom of these people. In our modern and advanced society, there is a old programming that is set to a certain age and it is difficult to avoid because in all social spheres in which we move, continually remind us. So we live with such programming since we are children and grow up listening to the people around us phrases like at my age, then: and I have such pain, such ailment, I can not, what will I do such a thing, and so on. etc. and A without realizing it, we marginalize of life, and life then, we left out. With surprise to some of us, there comes a time when we feel it is true, it is hopeless, I’m getting older.

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