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Disney Corporation

Also you can so well known, so successful and so wealthy as the Disney Corporation? Who doesn’t know it, Disneyland! Who has seen at least a Disney movie in his life! Who is not fascinated as this across world’s people under the spell of the brand over the years from young to old. And who is not the hat before Walt Disney, for what he has achieved in his life! Who wants to know how he reaches it and how he and his successors could build this world brand, should the 18 and 19 June 2009 in his calendar book. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Presented over the two days Siegfried Haider, Managing Director of HMTS GmbH and initiator of the German speakers Association e.V., the success seminar The Disney keys to excellence\”& team creativity, Disney style\” in Vienna. This 2-day seminar of the Disney Institute’s has had a unique success and will be presented for the first time speaking in English with professional simultaneous translation. Here is that managers, self-employed workers and decision makers Given opportunity to gain insight into the business world, who is behind the magic of Disney. Most of these strategies, which spans decades long as proven successful are 1:1 transferable to your own successful management, professional management, inspiring customer service and motivated, loyal employees and partners. The unprecedented success of Disney depends on Walt Disney, due to the founder and creative head of the company.

Walt Disney’s contagious visions, his sense of responsibility towards his employees, his willingness to take risks and break new ground, coupled with an instinctive understanding of the needs of its customers, brought forth a corporate philosophy that was developed since then by the CEOs to a systematic and methodological organization consistently. With the seminar by Disney Institute executives now receive the opportunity to draw from the experience of an incomparably successful global brand. The special thing about it is, they teach not theory, but rather to give an insider insight into corporate practices and philosophy of Disney.

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