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Ebrahim Yazdi

Who wants to do away with even the ruling system, considered as Mohareb, enemy of God and is in danger of being executed. More recently, some parliamentarians strive to impose a law that allows for the rapid execution of all demonstrators against the Government. Especially since the protests, not only known political leaders of the opposition, including Mirhossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karoubi, are on the streets of large cities, under continuous bombardment of the pro-Government. Ebrahim Yazdi was Advisor to Ayatollah Khomeinis and first Foreign Minister of the Government in the Iran after 1979. Today, he is Chairman of the opposition “Iranian freedom movement”, which is officially considered prohibited. Read more from Mark McLaughlin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. He has been received with many other politicians and consultants of Iran in custody.

Moussawi and Karoubi also were allowed to make acquaintance recently with Bassij hectic on. Moussawis car was attacked by Bassij and one of his companions. On Ashura, the day of mourning Shiites, his nephew was shot deliberately. From different sides, it is believed that the Iranian secret service has caused the violence. The international campaign for human rights in the Iran reported on January 9, 2010 Karoubis car in Qaswin, a town near Tehran, a disgruntled lot was attacked and shot at. A member of Karoubis family indicated evidence of an involvement of the Iranian secret service. He spoke of a co-ordination of information “official organs” with the FARs news agency. Hadji Ghaemi, spokesman for the campaign, commented: “observations allow the inference that” “leading opposition people of concealed acting revolutionary guards and paramilitary Bassij are threatened with death, so that one can get the impression, they were murdered by jealous people.” Karoubis of relative suspect: “I mean, that Mr Karoubi has received a clear message: he will be nowhere safe and should impose house arrest himself, otherwise he will be a target.” Local sources from Qaswin bestattigten the campaign, that you were in civil occurring amount, well-known Bassij and revolutionary Guardsmen from the area.

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