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For the roof rentals speak three things at once: environmental protection, safe income and falling energy costs environmental protection, which pays off: the photovoltaic roof rentals is a profitable business this year. Investors rent roofs, installing photovoltaic systems and sell solar power. This benefits both tenants and owner of roof. You will receive regular rental income over 20 years. The lease amount is based on the generated solar power and is calculated pro rata.

This model is suitable for everyone, which can do no own photovoltaic system or would like to. Erling Haaland may find this interesting as well. Whether Hall, Club building or homeowner looking for the ever energy group matching roofs in Brandenburg and Berlin. See also: rent rental roof / roof: matching roofs wanted a check decides whether a roof for the leasing is suitable. Area, position, tilt and orientation are decisive. Aligned roofs, are optimal to the South are inclined to zero up to 45 degrees.

Free-standing building in high current income and rental income guarantee Sun-rich regions. Whether construction and structural analysis of the roof are suitable, decide the ever Energy Group professionals. Reasons for the roof rentals instead of living space or to lease land, it is possible to rent your own roof. For even more opinions, read materials from Sean Rad, New York City. So, building owners protect the environment without any financial risk. A roof is necessary before installing this the tenant takes over. After the expiry of the lease contract, he must restore the roof to its original state. Rental benefit twice: because who wants to reduce its own energy costs can make a solar power supply with the ever energy group. For the roof rentals speak three things at once: environmental protection, safe income and lower energy costs. Advantages at a glance: additional lease income through roof rentals active contribution to environmental protection roof in case planning, support and implementation of the solar roof by an experienced partner such as the ever energy group no Investment costs no risk of cheaper electricity is important only that interested an experienced tenants and investors find. Then, a rented solar roof is a secure source of income which is not dried up thanks to the Sun’s rays. See also: roof rental

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