Energy Planning Policies

Energy Star

Independently determine how much energy savings can save you money. Do not believe anyone, make your own decision. Turn off the tv, lights and other appliances when not using them. This seems natural, but so many people light house off the clock.

The only thing that required of you – this is a good memory and the extra few seconds to perform simple operations. But in so doing you a good idea to reduce the consumption of electricity and fuel costs (and therefore the amount of harmful emissions) necessary to obtain it. The maximum use of natural light. Disable the screensaver on his computer, let it through instead of 5 minutes is just a black screen. Use the Display Off and Sleep mode after a long (think about 20 minutes) of inactivity.

Replace your old light bulbs with fluorescent, they consume 5 times less energy, while maintaining the level of illumination, and, moreover, are 10 times longer. Filed under: figs scrubs. Be careful when purchase of household appliances, it would be good if it was approved by the Organization of Energy Star. All major companies are trying to get it approved. The best option would be replacing the entire equipment to meet the standard Energy Star. By If possible, use natural methods of ventilation instead of air conditioners. Check the thermal insulation of the room, save the desired temperature in a natural way. Save water, eliminate malfunction, causing her uncontrollable leakage, do not leave the tap turned on unnecessarily. Wastewater treatment and their further distribution require large energy expenditures. . Recycling. Good idea will take the trash to recycling. With lower energy consumption can be melted aluminum cans than to make a new one. . Reuse. Do not use disposable utensils and packaging. They are usually made of paper or plastic.

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