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Because of this diversity of characters, many people feel the chakra just invented the concept and the product of imagination. But it is completely overlooked that the experience of the chakras impossible to convey specific words or diagrams (as well as the concept of energy). Words and symbols only indicate the existence of the chakras. You have to relive this experience yourself, you ought to awaken the potential of your mind. No one can survive this for you.

You can talk about the chakras, but any description would be totally inadequate. Therefore, do not be disheartening variety of symbols of the chakras, they are just pointers. They do not reflect the reality of chakras. Now I would like to briefly list the basic attributes and characteristics of each chakra, so to say who is responsible for what: 1. Muladhara, called the coccygeal center – located in the perineal region.

This Centre for Energy Storage, stability in life, the center is responsible for survival. 2. Svadhisthana located in the pubis. Responsible for energy storage with a dominant motif search of personal pleasure and feelings through food, booze, sex and other base instincts. 3. Manipur is in the solar plexus, just above the navel. It is the center of self-affirmation. Man tries to dominate situations and other people. This is reflected in predominant motive of gaining wealth, respect, etc. The so-called chakra, the power and authority. Responsible for the life force. 4. Anahata is located at heart level, in the middle of the chest.

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