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For every country he travels he has ready a few words, it opens doors. Today he speaks some French, Italian, in addition to running English Russian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian and Slovenian. Some Chinese characters the well-traveled COO can also read and write. Prasentator Peter Forscht apart from the trip to Moscow were the early years of the student company from various individual programming in Germany. Came by the man of his Russian teacher is also in contact with the Karlsruhe nuclear research center and so on jobs that was very accommodating as Knobler with a penchant for physics.

ABAS grew, began mid-eighties to collaborate in system 3, to distribute their standard software and to develop together. The scientist conducts research with his natural gift for supposedly dry topics to inspire, evolved into the Hauptprasentator by abas EKS, the later abas business software. His wide general knowledge and the ability to provide ERP matter, entertaining and sound contributed significantly to the successful growth of the company. As a 1992 business locations in Germany and after 1993 the German partners network built up were, he supported the new presentations, and she trained. So he wore this worry that his enthusiasm for the software has been passed and a good know-how mediation took place. After 1995, he began to withdraw from the German presales field and to promote targeted projects abroad. Character sets and financial accounting – main tasks of locating the first overseas installation with abas EKS in 1987 implemented, when a customer wanted to equip its subsidiary in France in the greater Paris area also with enterprise software. The consideration of customers was:?You have written but your reports using the list builder, ASCII files are, we can just translate that, we can do the same thing with the masks, then we have the whole thing in French”. They went to work.

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