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The age for the amount of the contributions is crucial customer-friendly services in the most lines of insurance. Travel insurance is typically higher costs come to on older applicants as a result of the increased travel cancellation or trip interruption risk. The European travel insurance can offer you a more attractive offer. As the financial portal reported, the subsidiary of the ERGO Insurance Group has lifted the age limit for the family rate. The deals for cheap travel insurance are numerous but not for older people.

A large proportion of the insurance, there are age limits, whose exceeding is associated with much higher contributions. Also a rejection of applications is possible. Couples aged 65 and over benefit from year travel insurance European travel insurance. Using the family or couple rate, they can explore the world untroubled. The age does not matter, there is no limit and does not apply an extra charge. The RundumSorglos year protection “applies to domestic and foreign travel and includes a travel cancellation and curtailment insurance, a 24-hour assistance in emergencies, as well as a travel baggage insurance.

The fare is worth because couple – or family rates are generally less expensive than policies for individuals. So save avid seniors in advance. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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