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Ernergieverbrauch Director

The Summit at the Ecohouse pioneer Baufritz in Erkheim was a huge success with nearly 100 interdisciplinary decision makers and TOP managers and 13 top-class speakers and encoders. In the HausSchneiderei of the Allgau family company discussed the participants from all over Germany from business, media, and Science together about the future of energy. Managing Director of the Allgauer parent country works and Severin Lenel, Managing Director of Intep GmbH in Zurich was the key-note of solar pioneer Louis Palmer, whose circumnavigation with a solar taxi viewers could once again live, as well as inspiring posts and others by Michael Lucke highlights of the high-level meeting. Another highlight was the tour of the Baufritz adventure world and the course of the senses through the Baufritz Managing Director Dagmar Fritz-Kramer. Founder and Chairman of the maverick Club, Otmar Ehrl, greeted his audience with the prompt to start the day with a compliment for your seat neighbour. Difficult he could the attention to move back to netzwerk-, and the participants were blest. “Aptly Louis Palmer said at the beginning of his speech: it’s good that I’m under lateral thinkers and do not need to speak to dead fish!” and it played the well-known thinkers quote indicating that only dead fish with the power swim.

Dr. Peter Bohm, Senior Vice President sustainability, Bosch Siemens Hausgerate GmbH initiated the first lab with an interesting lecture on the topic of energy efficiency. I received valuable suggestions and impulses for my work. The event was impressive at Baufritz with the guided tour through the HausSchneiderei”he stressed later. Severin Lenel illustrated in the second lab the importance of grey energy based on a professional bike racer who scramble up to 6,800 years old with a 200 Watt continuous power”needed to compensate for the Ernergieverbrauch of buildings with intricately designed volume or facades.

The third lab provided stimulating pulses on the topic of sustainable mobility in the late afternoon. Serene Solar taxi anecdotes of the Swiss Solar pioneer Louis Palmer and the lecture by Dr. Burggraf of StreetScooter GmbH for the manufacture of affordable electric cars showed that some pros and contrarians in the future of energy have arrived. This was no limits to the final discussions. The event showed on the basis of best-practice examples, not lack of latest technologies in the contrary. Lacking the awareness of society about what climate change is. To bring about a change, therefore a change of thinking at each and every one must take place. The energy revolution from below”succeeds in taking people by the hand. A great importance is given above all the companies, which can inform their customers through their own exemplary actions and the development of sustainable products and raise awareness. More information: and Summit

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