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In Dillingen was on Thursday, 6 may, to admire the electric mobility for a few hours in their most beautiful and fastest form. An American sports car in the design of a Lotus Elise faced the mayors the solar city of Dillingen, Mr Franz-Josef Berg, and the zero-emission community Nalbach, Mr Patrik Lauer, the cinema Palace of Europe for the rapid test drive available. The two test drivers have can not extend the 288 PS on the top speed of 200 km, because speed limits also apply to mayors in their own cities and towns. The incredible torque that can exist only in electric vehicles, combined with an exotic sports car, bring the Tesla in only 3.9 seconds from 0-100. The sophisticated technology proves that electric cars are feasible today and also with fun mobile. The IGAB Nalbach presented the 4.Revolution”this car to the Dillinger movie premiere, in collaboration with the city of Dillingen and the municipality of Nalbach from 6 to 14 May was shown in Dillingen in the Palace of Europe. The TESLA demonstrated main sponsors of the firm JUWI (Worrstadt) only for the movie premiere of Dillingen, a star – is together with his owner Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film shown at Dillingen. The phase-out of the fossil forms of energy is immediately possible.

The film shows the many positive examples and for the sports car is symbolic in Dillingen TESLA at the start in a race for renewable energy. We are of the opinion that this film shows very well the concrete ways of exit from coal and nuclear. “The time of the change is there and everyone can contribute, that we us now and with all the power of adopt coal and nuclear power, and electric mobility only makes sense when comes the electricity from renewable”, so Werner Lehnert, Board the IGAB Nalbach. The film the 4th revolution of energy autonomy”informs. This is also the goal the IGAB Nalbach has set itself with its involvement in the question of coal the aim, who wants nuclear – and coal-based electricity out, which must point to alternatives. And the film makes it clear that: the phase-out of polluting energy production is possible. An important aspect of future energy supply can be the decentralization of power generation in smaller units on-site, E.g.

through cogeneration, wind energy, solar power plants, or even in the Prim region through hydroelectric power. Cause a resulting energy autonomy and the experience of its own in the region of electricity generated can a new democratization of energy supply from its own”hand and in a further step to creating civil unions or civil power stations to the alternative, sustainable power generation. Thus, the electricity in the heavily indebted municipalities can become an important future source of revenue. So also the important change of consciousness and an attitude per alternative energy among the population is ultimately to bring about.

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