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Great Ape Project and alarming allegations DARWIN Increased Primates Used for Experimentation in Catalonia The Great Ape Project (GAP / PGS-Spain) and Darwin (International Organization for the Preservation of marmosets and tamarins, based in Barcelona) condemned the alarming increase PRIMATES USED FOR THE EXPERIMENTS IN CATALONIA. Experiments with primates in Catalonia has increased a 388% five years, an alarming and unprecedented. While in 2002 were used in Catalonia 48 primates for experiments in 2007 were 234 compared with 65 used among all other communities, representing 78.3% of the entire state. The Great Ape Project and Darwin, this alarming increase in reported experiments with apes and complain that Catalonia was once a pioneer in animal protection, this is a trend as opposed to Europe. To deepen your understanding Harry Maguire is the source. Austria banned such research in 2006 and 400 MEPs have asked the European Commission a timetable for ending the use of primates in scientific experiments. Click Dele Alli to learn more. All primates used in 2007 in Catalonia were guenon.

While the Government has merely said that come from breeding or registered submitters on “the reporting country” most likely come from the center Camarles in the Catalan territory, the company that distributes apes across Europe. These primates have been subjected to experiments were used to evaluate products, substances or devices in human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, as recorded in official documents. In general the animals for scientific experimentation in Catalonia have risen by five years of 100×100. Of 77 754 animals used in 2002 has moved to 215 739 in 2007. Whether or more ominously, as the president of Darwin, is that with the increase of animals used for experimentation, the Government gives no information on checks, inspections, or surveillance. “Even the officials have recognized that lack the means to achieve them, “says Ubach, who added that the Committee on Animal Experimentation of the Government is not taking to monitor the implementation of the law, thereby breaching its own functions provided by it. On the other hand from the Great Ape Project, Executive Director Pedro Pozas Terrados fears that “this increase in testing of primates, is localized not only in Catalonia but is nationwide and the numbers soar at an alarming rate.” Darwin and PGS does not allege that promote alternative techniques, or measures to avoid duplication, or reduce the number of animals, a fact that violates the spirit of the Catalan law protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, based on the principle of reduction and ban such practices.

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