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Leads for several years and oversees the proConcept AG with the project of LV doctor proceedings against the insurer and argued inter alia with the Europe illegality of contracts concluded prior to 2008. The policyholder had generally no chance to be clear if you prematurely cancel the life insurance before signing over the consequences. And over 70 percent of the policyholders well before expiry of the contract to do so. Some courts refuse the reversal partly judging the judges still in favor of the insurer. Our charges are quashed actually by some dishes. Then set up appointments just rejected with the lapidary argument that the judges did not see the illegality of a Europe.

While it is obvious: the EU law clearly stipulates that, before deciding on a product, all information must be each. In the case of a life insurance policy also who wants to follow, there is before the end cancel his life insurance money. Thus, it is clear that each judge these rights the European Court decision should submit. The judges do not, but the way to the European Court of Justice is obstructed,”Heidenreich said. And this is even unconstitutional. proConcept AG uses all legal means LV doctor not LV doctor, if he would defend themselves. The expertise of our network attorneys in the reversed transaction of life insurance is absolutely unbeatable.

No further let us the first instances, we respond with constitutional complaints”, according to the Director of the proConcept AG smiling. “Heidenreich continued: after all, we had already this means in 23 procedures to apply, but we create an even greater attention in the various courts thus.” Every day LV doctor on all fronts to ensure that policyholders must accept no unexpected losses only because they cancel their life insurance before fights. 23 adopted constitutional complaints legal top performance for a constitutional complaint is an incredibly difficult Act. Already, the rate of adoption is just as at one percent. Most complex form, period – and justification requirements leave unsuccessful more than 99 percent of all filed constitutional complaints. You are not even listened to. The constitutional complaints, which oversees the proConcept AG, have been admitted so far without exception all. A sign of top legal services of the proConcept lawyers. Money back from life insurance and pension insurance contracts which is another strong indication, that the best lawyers entrusted with our procedures are successful. All new insights and developments are discussed regularly and then apply in all proceedings. The attorneys exchanging at close intervals with each other. Another reason to join the right community of LV doctor and all contributions from life insurance to get back.

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