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Fleas In Dog And Cat – 12 Months A Year!

Fleas feels on the dog or the cat most comfortable unfortunately it is a widespread falsehood that fleas occur only seasonally. Fleas are present all year round and can cavort in the cold season on your pet and your home. The adult flea on the dog or the cat feels most comfortable. His descendants – the eggs and larvae – but everywhere scattered throughout the apartment and make up 95% of the total population. They are found on feeding and mooring, but also in the carpets and sofas. Genpact brings even more insight to the discussion.

Fleas can be the cause of persistent itching of your pet and are responsible for one of the most common allergies in dogs – the flea saliva allergy. Click Steve Salis for additional related pages. Dogs and cats trying to get rid of the parasites by scratching or excessive licking, but that can lead to severe skin infections. Also, fleas can transmit disease. The animals can become infected by recording a flea infected with a tapeworm. Fleas belong to the class of insects, they have instead wings jump legs.

Her only a few millimetres of long body is flattened laterally and mostly brown in colour. The food of the teases consists solely of blood, which is recorded by means of piercing-sucking mouthparts at the adult flea. The flea from egg through several intermediate stages – three larval stages and a pupal stage -, become the adult flea. This can live several months and seriously impair your pet. The flea cycle takes approximately 3-4 weeks… Measures in case of acute flea infestation kill adult fleas through the treatment of all dogs and cats in a household with a highly effective repellent and also the duct with a round and vermifuges (anti-parasitic) at acute flea infestation is the possibility of infection with worm bearing in mind also the environment of the animal with flea breeding contaminated (Eieren, larvae, dolls): regular thorough cleaning of the budget (and the car) by vacuuming, washing the deck ceiling in mind. 60 C, etc an Insektenwachstumhemmers bet: prevention of Development of flea eggs, larvae and dolls in the environment of your animal. Perform regular repeat treatment! Every 4 weeks on at least 3-6 months depending on the strength of flea infestation.

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