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Flying Blind In Customer Service

Only a few companies analyze systematically the relationship with consumers of service management in Germany deficient Neumunster/Dusseldorf/St. Gallen many companies recognize that quality affects their services the loyalty and the purchasing behavior of their customers. \”However, most cannot measure how their service affects the consumer: you rely on randomly collected, subjective estimates of call center agents and customers\”, according to the market analysis from Verint consulting, based on a survey by Ventana Research. 81 percent of the companies surveyed are the opinion that the customer experience does affect loyalty and a willingness to make recommendations. 73 percent gave to log, it has effects on the satisfaction and the level of expenditure.

Not even every third company systematically analysed the interactions with their customers, most rely on subjective feedback from agents and customers, that is queried irregularly and seldom promptly. Less than two One-third work with documented processes to control how customers perceive the company; less than a third uses procedures for the handling of interactions through various channels. 61 percent to correlate the results of customer satisfaction surveys with the loyalty of its buyers, 56 percent network results with the number of complaints, 43 per cent with a total customer value and 39 percent with a willingness to make recommendations. Only one in five uses analytical methods or business intelligence systems. 42 percent indicated that they think about to implement such software in the next year. Big companies are hardly in a position to evaluate data about their customers, if they use any IT systems and not to automate the processes’, Gisa Heinemann by Verint comments on the results. Time Warner wanted to know more. To control how customers perceive the company, you must analyze the interactions and put the results with the purchase behavior in relationship. Companies should better understand the purchasing behavior of their customers.

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