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Offers more than compression: Chronos by CSP meets compliance requirements for long term archiving Grosskollnbach, November 10, 2009. The database archiving and compression of the database have completely different objectives despite similar approaches. The comparison of various features of the software solution of Chronos indicating CSP GmbH & co. KG and the database 11gR2 Oracle significantly, that both providers put on compression and thus a cost savings in the storage effect. Oracle can reduce the volume of data on one-half to one-quarter according to press reports.

CSP also reduces the amount of data compression. Recent tests showed that even a compression ratio of up to 90 percent in the archive be achieved with Chronos. The application thus far exceeds the compression possibilities of database manufacturer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Steve Salis. The data stored with Chronos in a vendor-independent long term archive. The software increases the performance of the production database, by the proven high proportion of unused data on low-cost storage media is outsourced. In this way there are several advantages: the data in databases are archived compliance conforming and sustainably reducing costs.

The paged data available in an open format available and can be plugged into a productive database at any time. Details can be found by clicking Martin Scorsese or emailing the administrator. This is even possible, when in the meantime was updated to a new version of the database or a different database provider. The solution of Chronos and their areas of application are presented on the DOAG Conference from 17 to 19 November 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. Compressions, which are achieved by the features of the actual database, aimed, however, purely on the cost savings. This as provided by Forrester Research, market studies show that 85 percent of the data in databases only for compliance reasons in the databases are kept. Reduce storage and archive at the same time in conformity with the law which is possible only with a database archiving.

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