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Today in Russia, selling franchises more than 600 companies. Despite the fact that while the number of firms working on franchising in Russia is low, this line of business is becoming more popular. What is the attraction franchise? Suppose you want to start their own business. Naturally, the goal of every entrepreneur – to create a stable and profitable business. One of the simplest and most reliable way to start your own business – to buy a franchise.

This option allows you to reduce the risks of failure of new businesses and reduce the initial investment, because you already get promoted trademark and reputation of the franchisor. To start to define the notion of franchising. Franchising – a form of business organization in which the company passes the franchisor entity or person (the franchisee) the right to sell products or services of this company, and the franchisee undertakes to sell products or services in strict accordance with the rules of doing business that sets the franchisor. Under these conditions, the franchisee receives the right to use the name, trademark, company, marketing technologies and services of internal audit and examination performance. Accordingly, the franchise – the right to carry out certain economic activities by using the principle of franchising, enforceable contract or agreement. Consider the mechanism of buying a franchise. If you decide to buy a franchise, you need to choose the franchisor. Search the franchisor can maintain yourself, or go to consultancy, which will select the appropriate option to you.

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