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Organization team enthusiastic about Mittweida team of 14 Media Forum Mittweida 14 Media Forum, speakers and guests can look back on three successful days of the event. 1,300 visitors ensured that the 32 discussions, lectures and workshops on the campus of the University of Mittweida were fully booked. Also, the programme was a great success: on Monday evening flowed at the Saxon Bavarian beer Summit about 500 litres of beer. 120 spectators watched the 16 media night in Studio A of the College, nearly 500 more watched live transmission of the show highlights more than ever before. I think we have been impressed of all speakers and guests with our fresh thinking. The all-round support has proved this year and many speakers have announced their agreement to the media forum Mittweida 2011 already”, draws a happy balance producer Martin Glass. To thank the entire team, which has mobilized all forces after the intensive ten-month preparatory phase in the last three days.” At the 14th Media Forum Mittweida 70 speakers discussed diverse issues such as new TV formats, voice actor, virtual identities in social networks, daily soaps, the media presence of national minorities or Internet pornography. A central theme of the Congress was also the current quality of the German media landscape.

“It developed nothing more”, Andreas Turck summarizes what is happening in the German television. DWDLGeschaftsfuhrer Thomas Luckerath sees things differently: “I’ve seen have never been so many interesting items of information and documentation in German television. The viewers have to find them.” For Peter, the future of the media landscape, especially in the hands of the next generation is lace. “That’s why he appealed to the budding creators of media, to put value on high quality work because: quality comes from torture.” Journalist and TV-moderator Cherno Jobatey let it also not taking to give tips of Mittweida young journalists for their professional way: “stand out from the crowd and individuality are important.” Also current media issues played a large role. “Off reading the copyright does not work”, commented Oliver Heinz, lawyer specializing in media and copyright law, the Plagiatsfall of Bushido. One of the most sympathetic of the media forum of Mittweida was sure actor Norbert Gastell, which is known as the German voice of Homer Simpson. A little Homer inside every one of us”, he grins mischievously. Under there is also in-depth video interviews, the Mittweidaer young journalist during the Conference with speakers such as Nina Ruge, Peter Kloeppel, Andreas Turck, Rob Vegas, Norbert Gastell and Volker Herres led. Also almost all event recordings in their entirety are published next week. Contact: Media Forum Mittweida 2010 c/o Hochschule Mittweida University of applied sciences technology to position 17 D-09648 Mittweida contact: Ina Heinrich Tel.: 03727 – 58 11 23 Mobile: 0173-92 77 787 Annegret Hintze

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