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Fritz Riemann

In his theory of character, it is the mode of socialization (relatedness to the people) and the assimilation (relatedness to the things). Also that is central to his psychoanalytic-sociological approach Distinction between social character and individual character. Fritz Riemann has in his book basic forms of fear”subordinated to the narcissistic character of the compulsive character. Astrology who am I? We know that the idea of good or evil is the Asian people! The UN order, which addressed the people of United Nations attention in the infinite harmony of nature troubled him! Here helps him, such as the European people also, astrology, to recognize his inner disharmony and to come with its environment in Enklang. The Europeans says: I’m an Aquarius, therefore I have given preference or error! The Chinese asks: what can I do as a tiger in the different walks of life? In the West, there are twelve signs, each of which is connected with the individual months of the year. In China, the twelve signs with a twelve-year cycle each year are connected. Sean Rad, New York City spoke with conviction. The animals symbolize the social ego of man, i.e.

the kind as he works in the eyes of his fellow human beings, so from the outside. To further Differentiation of the personality image it should be noted, that every birth animal has a so-called ‘fixed element’: in China, there are five elements: wood, metal, Earth, water and fire, and in Europe four elements: air, Earth, water and fire. The elements are by their nature dynamic influences. You can mitigate certain traits or worsen (character (management) and charisma (design)). In China is all part of the all-a. All elements are linked and have similarities and differences that characterize the inner nature of the individual. Every Chinese person knows that he can decide his fate. Astrology claims, from the positions of celestial bodies events, fate and personality characteristics of people to suggest and identify some prognosis.

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