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After expressing " support total" from Germany to the efforts of Athens to confront the crisis, Merkel emphasized that " most important now it is than Greece gains confidence. That the markets see that Greece goes by good camino". Extension of the bottom of rescue of the Euro and with a view to the east voting Thursday in the Bundestag of the extension of the umbrella for the rescue of the Euro, the chancellor dnsa returned to do one of the unique currency when emphasizing the benefits that bring with himself for Germany, that indeed exports 60% of its products to the countries of the zone Euro. " The Euro is our common future " and " if to Europe it does not go to him well, to Germany either, later in the mid term " , they are other two affirmations that repeated before the Confederation of the German Industry (BDI). The aid to Greece, an investment Greek prime minister, Yorgos Papandreu, affirmed east Tuesday in Berlin that the aid of the countries of the zone Euro to re-float the economy and finances of their country are an investment for the future which it will benefit to all the European Union. " One is not an investment in the errors of the past, but in the successes of the future " , Papandreu said before the reunited Germanic enterprise cupola in the Day of the German Industry, to those who it guaranteed that " Greece will fulfill all the commitments adquiridos". " We can obtain it. We can turn the crisis into an opportunity " , it affirmed Papandreu in a moved speech before the Confederation of the German Industry (BDI), to which it assured that the helenos " we have potencial" in order to obtain it. Prime minister of Greece commented that the recovery of its country is submitted to " three factores" and he next mentioned the necessary support of the financial organizations, the ratification on the part of the parliaments of the 27 in the agreements of the extraordinary summit of end of July and the fulfillment in the agreements assumed before the troika, formed by the EU, the BCE and the IMF.

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