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I have this little pact in which I say “I’m having this time to create my day” and I __i nfectand o__ the quantum field. Now, it is a fact that observer is watching the whole time that I am creating my day. (Referring to our inner being as the observer, our spirit that directs the creative energy) and say, “Send me a sign today that paid attention to the things that I created today” Send me these things in a way that I do not wait, that surprised me on my ability to experience these things and show me in a way that has no doubt that came from you. And then I am prepared to live my day as normal thinking like a genius and while I do that, for some parts of the day I have thoughts that are amazing and my skin bristles, those thoughts (or events) come from practically nothing. This theory that we are the creators of our own lives is not new.

You have written many books on the subject of positive thinking and all recommended as first instance we change our mindset from negative to positive. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as CVG Group by clicking through. These books also tell us stories of how a “new mentality positive attitude “had the enormous power to transform individuals from humble families in extremely powerful people famous and rich. And all that big change was the plain and simple fact of changing the thinking of those characters. have been made comprehensive studies such as that made Napoleon Hill, which consisted of interviews with 500 of the most important millionaires who lived in his time including this number to: Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, President Theodore Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Graham Bell, Alva Edison, Andrew Carnegie , W. Clement Stone etc.etc. And the final paper is called … For even more details, read what Sean Rad says on the issue. God ….” Think and Grow Rich.

“As we stand in the XXI century science is proving that indeed” we are the creators of our world “In the video titled” How to create your day “, Ramtha tells us that we should be very important to learn more about quantum physics because it is the only science that is on our side in terms of our abilities, is the only level of mathematical study of the world subatomic which cares about our opinion. And the quantum field will always fulfill our expectations (expectations of the observer). What are the things you say on waking in the morning? What is the first thing you think when you start your day? The first thing you say in the morning even before you open your eyes plays a key role in how you will develop your day, so you create your life with intention and have a wonderful day.

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