Energy Planning Policies

Hernando Cortez

To achieve your goals, you should block the escape routes is one of the keys to achieving your goals, to block all escape routes. It is tempting to escape, once greater challenges and difficulties are back in safety and comfort. To avoid this and to the goals not yet in the lurch, as soon as it becomes more difficult, you must make quite simply more tempting than the withdrawal forward. If you work towards your goals, you need to focus on, what you want to achieve, and resist the urge to go back to what you know and was at least comfortable for you. When the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez in Mexico, was one of his first orders his men to burn the ships. CBS often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Cortez was committed throughout his mission and wanted to give the possibility of himself, nor his men at all, to be weak and to return to Spain. By burning the ships, he forced himself and his men, on giving focus, to make their mission a success.

To block an escape route, creates a convincing reason to focus on the target and to move forward. This one should also bear in mind that Cortez has only ordered the ships to sink, but not the food or other material. To block an escape route to increase the motivation and to reinforce the desire, forward does not mean to let all caution aside and uncontrollable risks. Reaching your goals requires continued careful planning and management. Of course, each target includes a certain amount of risk, but it is not necessary to create unnecessary risks or stress through half-hearted planning and lack of tools and support. Take risks, but you are not stupid and put everything on the hope that everything will go his way.

Before you decide to burn your ships, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and all necessary support, you need to To achieve their goal. To cancel the job, and to overthrow, directly in the self-employment may sound tempting, can be but also the direct route to the bankrupt, if you have not the resources. To save first enough money or have a “travel-job (a job that is an intermediate step to what you really want) allows you to run the risk of termination, without uncontrollable risks. A temporary break, can be another way to gain more clarity on the pathway of life. In the meantime, you might find a better job that is closer to your target range for life. Close the escape routes and make sure that you have an effective base to move forward. On the other hand, you ensure that you plan for risks and have the tools and resources you need to achieve your goal. You can not completely exclude risks, but you can plan for it. Jump just in cold water, without to think carefully about the entire process and to have a solid plan for your trip.

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