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High Taxes On The Citizens

Will the tax be soon even higher? The population in Germany and in fact around the world groans under the burden of the tax. This will in the coming years rather worsen: the immense debts that have accumulated the States do more than likely tax increases and new taxes. Energy revolution and to a low raw materials and the demographic development will help rest, literally unimaginable duties to provide, which have to bear is the working population. For accountants, so golden times could break, because the demand for services concerned with avoiding excessive charges, will always continue to grow. The State is constantly busy trying to open up more sources of income. This he is already quite far advanced by the extensive degradation of social services for the population, where however the reasonability limit first and foremost for the sprawling low-wage sector is already reached if not exceeded. As a big revenue opportunity remains for more accurate viewing in addition to an approximation of the value added tax, the undemocratic could be decided by Brussels only a tax on financial transactions, as well as an increase in the inheritance tax.

The tax on financial transactions, however, should fail because of the massive resistance of the huge lobby of the rich and super rich, which openly threaten to move in a tax haven, if they have not already done that in such a case and States, such as Britain or Switzerland, who live almost exclusively by such shops, have long placed their veto. It is therefore to be expected that the Government will try to stop hand at heritages, especially since the asset transfer in Germany has accepted by heritages gargantuan proportions. Within the framework of the inheritance tax, the transfer of businesses and companies on the own children or heirs makes a special case. The State seems especially in such cases a possibility to see, more taxes to demand, what is controversial in politics and society. Sure, it would make sense to require a higher levy heirs of multibillion-dollar share packages than is the case at the time. If however, someone makes a craftsmen operating by the father or the mother, such a levy would the demise of the company and hence the ruin for the workers.

As a consultant for business succession, one can be worked so quite in the sense of the community and thus contradict the image of greedy tax consultant with the best contacts to relevant political groupings. Who seeks out as a tax consultant Freising as a centre of its activities, makes a good choice: the small town on the outskirts of the city of Munich is a retreat for wealthy people, who will take the services of an expert or a specialist for taxes and the corresponding right glad. Who also acquires an additional qualification as a specialist consultant for business succession is no longer as Steuerberater Freising want to leave. At least for the next several decades, sure some work waiting in the affluent and highly liveable city.

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