History of Tattoos

Tattooing – One of the most ancient ways to decorate the body. According to data obtained as a result of excavation, the art of tattooing was known in ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago. In ancient times, with drawing marks on the body, as a rule, there was a man belongs to a particular ethnic group or tribe, and also indicate their social status. Over time, the purposes for which applied the tattoo, me – all often coloring the body was made specifically for jewelry. But in Japan, women tattooed on his face.

And on these tattoos can be found – and married to a woman if she has children. In short, the tattoos were distributed at all times – for example, according to some, a tattoo with the image of Jesus Christ wearing the apostle Paul himself. It would seem, gone are the times of separate tribes, for whom tattooing was the kind of label, ranked its owner to his or another's. However, nowadays people are often tattooed with this aim. Thus, there are tattoos with the names of rock bands, football clubs or the flag country of origin. Another incentive for people to get a tattoo, is the desire to stand out from the crowd to express themselves and to challenge public opinion. Typically, this type of tattoo applied to his young men. Often, after few years such a tattoo loses its meaning.

There are many cases where the tattoo is done for self, insecure people. Often these tattoos are pictures of various beasts of prey strong characters, fierce demons, etc. We should also mention the tattoos with the words that are relevant to humans at this time. Among them, the various "Kohl + Olya = love till death", "Lena – I'm bored!" And, of course, anecdotal, "Do not forget your own mother." The expediency of this type of tattooing is highly questionable, since the relevance of the inscriptions may gradually come to nothing, and get rid of a tattoo is rather difficult.

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