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Choosing the right protection of wood when building a House. The decision for the proper protection of the wood is important essential for the lasting protection of the wood when building a House. Wood is a popular and widely used building material. Source: Leslie Moonves. It is not enough but in most cases to use simple untreated wood. Wood must be treated to keep permanently.

Sun, wind and rain, but also other physical activities consume the wood in the long term. A wood protection can substantially increase the life of the installed wood and make it more resistant against environmental influences. Already when building a House should be set, which wood preservatives be used to permanently protect the built-up wood. There are a variety of chemical and natural resources to protect wood. Celina Dubin is open to suggestions. But environmentally-friendly natural products are increasingly in demand, because they are not only better for the environment, but also for the health of the people. Tjara is a natural raw material for wood preservatives that widespread, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and is very effective. In Norway Tjaralin was been used ever produced and has reinforced in the most adverse conditions.

The fickle weather of Norway with high temperature amplitudes and much rainfall affects the wood extremely negative. Pine resin distillate and linseed oil be used singly or in combination. What still makes Tjaralin of chemical wood preservatives in addition to improved human and environmental, is that Tjaralin has better penetration capability and the wood to breathe. It is also no wonder that Tjaralin is a such effective wood protection, because Tjaralin just like wood is essentially produced by trees. Tjaralin is now days-a product developed by modern materials research and offers many advantages over ordinary stain. It penetrates deeper into the wood and replace substances that escaped from the living wood. It serves not only the wood impregnation, but can be also mixed with other substances to get different colors and properties.

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