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And since we don’t can remember freedom perhaps precisely for this augenblick our decision, at any time also though to decide, it is us, as if we would have preferred blinders on and we must go only straight, must and can. The close image, which is a one-way street here in a figurative sense, left leaves us no room for freedom of choice, and it seems to us as if we have just a choice, so therefore no possibility. Reverse means it is the same on our mountain range, if we are led astray by one of these rigid images, of course. If it goes down, we might think that now everything is, we failed have, are lost, and we will therefore never more happy. That we will never reach our goal and that there is perhaps now even so bad, that we must die. Here too the subjective image allows us cutting only an interpretation of the facts, namely that there is only one way and that those down, so inexorably leads in this case in depth. All of a sudden we can no longer see the sky, no longer hint at the Summit, and the wide world behind and in front of the mountain is not even existent for us now. Our experience of reality has focused on the small piece of Earth, on which we are and about which we can just no longer look across to subtract.

And seems to exist in which the Fort allows us to move for us only one direction is possible. In these cases mentioned by the seeming caught being in the motion lack of freedom is us obviously to just auszudrucken it out, only”the clear about and vision missing come, and we leave us are therefore blinded by the illusion that we are helpless, defenseless and seemingly without free will. But this is not at all true. We are free beings with the option to change direction at any time according to your mood and definitely free to be able to act. It is so important that I spot my restrictive subjective perception as such and at each place and place where I am in my life, allow me to begegnen the reality of my freedom of choice, to me then my inner needs towards the Stilling of the same pipe. “It is serve important and quite the reality clarification process, which always have StanDing ready versus productive ICH” to recognize that me as a barrier often in the way is, to it again with a love to I playroom may “to replace. Read more here: Gavin Baker, New York City. What me then in the near future the way it opens, I can imagine the creative and constructive question: what do I really want? The parable expresses this in “a sentence out: no matter which position of the mountain I am, I’m free, and I can go anytime, where ever I want to gehen.” And this regardless of how small and tiny straight is the image, which seems subjective erweise even in this vergangliChen moments of the world and me.

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