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First level domain is indicated by two or more characters in the final position, separated by a dot. They are quite a lot and, as a rule, the identifier denotes geographical origin or the utility of available sites on it. Examples of Top Level Domain can be such:. Ru – Russia. Us – United States. Com – commercial projects. Edu – U.S. schools.

Uk – United Kingdom (UK) It should be noted that recently (October 30, 2009) in Seoul was the first in history in general and the history of the Internet in particular, the presentation of the first-level domain. Russian Cyrillic. I think this may be the pride of the Russians. Must also note that the domain name registration level 1 deals with the only international organization. It's called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN (read ayken). Given the surprising number of addresses on the Internet (more than 160 million), the organization transferred the domain name registration accredited partners. Now there are more than 900. This organization, along with its partners to register and manage every conceivable Internet addresses.

But this issue we will return later. The second level, as in e-mail address, carries more information. When writing e-mail address we can write, for example: That Kreml.Moskva.Rossiya significance level domain goes on decreasing from right to left. Here, the second level will be Moscow, but the third – the Kremlin. To make it clearer, here is an example of domains of different levels: top-level domains – ru, com, biz, edu, org Second-level domains –,,, Domains third level –, levels of the address separated by periods.

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