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Italian Renaissance

By the way, if we talk about fashion, then one of the latest trends – blue, green, blue and purple shades of curtains and curtain fabrics. Blue tulle, the warmest of its shades, uses the outlined clearly in high demand. As well as the rich hangings – Royal – purple. Purple – a very radical and difficult: it is difficult to predict how he will "work" with other colors by changing your lighting. Consequently, it will require more adaptive to myself the rest of the interior. But despite this it is expected that different shades of purple, from amethyst to "eggplant" will be urgently fashionable for several seasons. This color is the age of Aquarius. For more information see Time Warner.

He came to replace the green marsh and burgundy-red, enjoyed great success in the previous two years. However, lovers of antiques and traditional interiors fashion offers a so-called Palladian palette, which received name from the Andrea Palladia (1508-1580), Italian architect. He worked in the style of the late Italian Renaissance, and preached the worship of ancient art. The main colors in the Palladian – pale yellow, dusty pink, beige mid-tone (color antique cameos), copper-brown, yellowish-green and several shades of pale blue. Style Al Fresco offers a main role is the same bright blue in combination with sand, and burgundy. HIGHLIGHTS – CALM However, new developments drape fashion does not mean that you should immediately send the "old", which may have been sewn in the past year, the curtains on the mezzanine, and urgently to change the entire interior by adding to it a radical purple. Fortunately, the fashion for curtains still more conservative than the clothes. Its requirements can be temporarily ignored, and, if already created with the help of professional interior designers and decorators you feel comfortable and at ease.

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