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Jack Speroll

Certain day Jack Speroll, and a sailor its crew without having nothing pra to make listening one of the other sailors talking on a legend that was being very commented in the oceans, was a legend that todomundo feared, the legend that had in the Caribbean island. very curious Jack asks to the sailor on the legend: – And that legend that is this that all fear when going the Caribbean island? – Account the legend that in the Caribbean island, in the first full Moon of the month, confides a vestibule that takes those that in it to entar, the Land of the Nunca.Dizem that has there a valuable treasure very left by a captain has many centuries behind. But, they prem has a creature that guarada this treasure. – And that creature is this? Quiz to know Jack. – Some say that it is an enormous and pretty sereia that kills all that there enters. – The sailor Continues.

Jack decides to go behind the such treasure, without knowing what it would go to face. When arriving in the island, Jack without nobody to see places a powder in its pocket for precaution, finding that in certain way it would go to need. Soon when the vestibule if opened Jack and its crew had entered there, some from fear the enormous one sereia, others not. When arriving in the end of the vestibule if they had come across with an enormous ice ortaleza and soon after it had a wonderful place, that she was where was the treasure and the sereia. Some during the long one walked had died of cold but exactly thus jack continued. When arriving at the end of the ortaleza if they had come across with a enorame cave, and in it they had entered. There inside it had a place with jewel for the soil and the trunk where this vain o such treasure, quickly Jack ordered one of its sailors to catch the trunk and everything what it was in return of it. When Jack and its crew went leaving, had heard a light and fine voice that said: – I waited for you Jack.

He forgives – Me but I already am of exit. – Jack Says. When it looked at stops backwards, saw a pretty and enormous sereia, then when seeing this it orders the sailors to run with the treasure. Jack then takes off for is its sword and of the one blow in the belly of the sereia. For even more details, read what Celina Dubin says on the issue. Soon after this Jack, if remembers the bomb in its pocket and says: – Good bye, was for knowing good you. after saying this takes off the lid the bomb and plays on of the hair of the sereia. Jack, leaves running and the hour where it arrives in the boat listening the racket of the bomb the shout of the sereia. you be continuede

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