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July 20

On July 20, 1810 Colombia became the first country nor-Andean in proclaiming its independence. The word Colombia was invented by Miranda to designate the continent discovered by Columbus and where speak Spanish and Portuguese. He wanted an inca reign the Colombian Empire. However, Colombia was first reduced to what was the Viceroyalty of New Granada and then split in 5 countries (Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and most of Guyana). Instead, U.S., who began with a smaller territory, ended up appropriating the name of the continent (America). The Peru has a debt to Colombia because without his gesture and his troops this has not been independent.

Colombia has a debt with many Peruvians who fought on its soil and, in particular, with Juan Pablo Viscardo and Guzman, the ideologue of Miranda and Bolivar. His letter to the Spanish Americans was the manifesto that used those who fought for the emancipation. Dreams of going towards a Colombia, what we today call Latin America, are still pending. original author and source of the article.

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