Energy Planning Policies

Jurgen Rohr Veda

Veda Nova, Wiesbaden, project management consulting helps companies plan projects and realize time and cost. Again and again one finds in projects company: it takes longer than planned, the professional requirements of the IT system are implemented. A consequence of this is: the new features delivered with great delay, resulting in irritation at the customer. Also often run the costs out of control. One reason for this is: project managers often do not know where she can start the lever, to implement projects faster and more efficiently. Specifically for companies that are regularly faced with this challenge on culture and structure-changing (IT-) projects has developed specialized consultancy Veda Nova, Wiesbaden, a project upgrade called a program, that it targets, time – and cost-saving plan (large) projects and perform without keeping their objectives on the track”, such as Veda Nova CEO Emphasizes Jurgen Rohr. To design the necessary for this intelligent project design, project upgrade including first parsed: what are the demands of the business case to the project? So what is necessary due to the defined objectives and what not? Also determined: which framework conditions as well as communication and working relationships are required for the project as time and cost objectives? The goal here: The processes and optimize processes and as far as possible to reduce the number of interfaces. Also clarified is: How can the (human) resources are used optimally in the project? The objective of this: Unnecessary work and unproductive times should be avoided as far as possible.

The aim of the programme is to design a specific timetable, as the project as time and cost objectives. Duration and scope of the programme are geared to the needs of the company, as well as on the scope and nature of the project. For more information about the program to the At find project optimization project-upgrade from Veda Nova. You can also contact Jurgen Rohr (Tel.: 0611 / 97 774 403;)..

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