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Juvencio Martinez Ruiz

The following weekend in which we obtained the permission, we equipped the four original participants to begin the search. We retire the honeycomb of bees with smoke, which was a work of a day, and once freed east obstacle and previous to a new sampling with the equipment, we came to dig in the wall where the signal was identified. We retire a few stones that composed walled and found a small purse of skin, earth plenty and something of humidity, on the verge of undoing, which woke up in all a great spirit and a great curiosity. We had obtained it! , we had found a treasure hidden. Inside the purse, two small gold currencies of $20 pesos dated in 1920 took shelter.

Was a small gold cross somewhat mistreated by the use, which weighed about 4 grams approximately. Most excellent, it is than within the pocket we found a note, written with old letter, in a piece very mistreated of paper aged that said the following thing: Refuge: These currencies I hid the day in which I had to start off for the north I left, them here so that it found them nobody until the eve of the tranquillity, Don Rufino of the Great Property can pay with grain pa well to you the animal and blankets, ancina I ask to him the Gentleman who it fills to you of blessings. Juvencio In order to be able to read the note it was necessary a series of consultations with customary people to read this font, and making conclusions of some words that they preceded to others, since the document was very I add by the years. We try to locate with the near settlers, the whereabouts of " Refugio" or into some relative, to be able to fulfill the desire of the old proprietor of the treasure, nevertheless nobody the whereabouts could inform us with veracity into this person, still more when we found out that in the locality there were antecedents of three people who took this name while still alive, but no of them was related to the unique appointed person Juvencio. The unique one person who while still alive was called Juvencio Martinez Ruiz, was a laborer who worked for the Property and that muro at the age of 23 years of a disease related to the tuberculosis, who was son of Filemn Martinez and Rosenda the Ruizes, who never had relation some with the appointed women Refuge.

We do not know if this young person to his short age and its social condition, could have been the owner than then a great amount of money was considered. Considering that the found treasure would not permanently solve our economic situation, we decided to conserve the currencies and to pay to the farmer the amount that had been distributed between the four participants, nevertheless the lived experience leaves all an indescribable feeling of adventure and admiration us, to the being witnesses of the real finding of a small treasure hidden in the time. If you want to know equipment detectors similar to the used ones in the search before related, contctame through Facebook. Original author and source of article.

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