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Keep Your Happiness

There is a wonderful parable by which God once, but Adam has created another 9 men and brought them to the dough so that they modeled themselves on the woman. Then God brought a tray of sugar cubes and asked to be picked up each one and treated their half, and they did. But it turns out, slices it was not 10 but 11 and began to ask God, whose woman ate 2 slices. Only no one confessed, although the sugar, by the way, Adam ate himself. But since then, men always think that someone else woman is sweeter than his own (she had eaten two pieces of sugar). And it’s actually true.

Almost all couples put themselves on the bonds of Hymen and voluntarily for love. But after a while and now spouses (not men only), it seems strange piece tastier and sweeter. Robert A. Iger has much experience in this field. Such is human psychology. During the period buketno-candy everyone is trying to embellish a bit, but there comes a time routine, routine, and you can not hide their defects that are only increasing. Here it all begins. Some cope on their own, others look to her girlfriends, friends and colleagues, seeking solace and support. And not always help them is, unfortunately, disinterested. Quite often they are potential partners for infidelity.

The couple recalls harness two horses, which were harnessed to the wedding in order to run the road of life. And to their joint jumps were harmonious, the couple must listen carefully to each other and support. Many obstacles in the family way: the usual quarrels and strife, resentment and misunderstanding. One such obstacle is the betrayal. After constant misunderstandings between the spouses, the relationship with the other partner is a lot of untold emotions. It was at this time such feelings are absolutely normal and suggest hormone of happiness (Endorphins), pleasure, its own demand, filled with positive energy. There is even a branch of science, namely, positive psychology, which gives an explanation what is happening. And no matter who is right and Who is to blame. You can proudly raised his head and just walk away without taking a penny or shirt. However, if the betrayal was loveless and vibrant relationship, and whether so relate to this? Yes, very sad and painful when a loved one, even for a short time, prefer another partner. Virtually every family sooner or later there comes a time when the couple is on the verge of choice – to remove themselves or family commitments, jumping over the “deep ravine, “jump on. How many families breaks up with pride, resentment, leaving her own children hostage. And if we break up his family for this very reason, we can guarantee that with the next partner will not happen the same thing? Happiness is like health – they do not appreciate until you lose it. Even Edward Assad said: “From happiness – happiness is not looking. The wisdom behind our picks. And we remember about her, when all lose. ” So you should not allow ourselves the luxury – to “lose” happiness with his own hands!

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