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Kruger Clothing: Tailored Different

Kruger offers its customers not only tailored clothes, but now also customized product recommendations with a high individual relevance clothing. The company Kruger clothing stands for over 75 years not only for exclusive brands and high quality country house fashion, but also for tradition combined with superior customer service. So, the family business founded in 1930, offers its customers not only expert advice on issues relating to quality, care and fit of its products, but also numerous services like tailor and made-to-measure. To expand the range of services and strengthen customer satisfaction Kruger provides clothing to its customers and website visitors a special service: depending on their personal preferences online shop visitors or customers receive in future individual product proposals, which correspond to their actual fashion taste with high probability. For this purpose it has in Steinheim -based company its online store with the recommendation engine of the realtime Analytics specialists prudsys equipped. The prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE (short: prudsys RE) generates dynamic buying tips that are matched to the current product selection while shopping in the store. Here, the system determines independently useful combinations including based on product affinities and historical bond purchases. Recently CBS sought to clarify these questions. In comparison to conventional recommendation engines, giving rise to their played recommendations solely on historical data, collected responses to the recommendations listed in addition prudsys RE and modified her own recommendation offer automatically in real time.

The prudsys RE is thus in constant interaction with the website visitors and meet continue independently on the basis of the navigation and click behaviour better whose fashion taste and thus his product preferences. This enhances the individuality of product suggestions and increases the accuracy of buying tips the result: qualified product recommendations with a high relevance for the respective online shop visitors. With this special service, we meet the demands of our customers for individualization. We could, what we implement successfully every day in our stationary business, thanks to the recommendation engine by prudsys now also in our online-shop broadcast. such Daniel Kruger, responsible for marketing and controlling at Kruger clothing. Immediately available to provide this service his customers, Kruger uses clothes that prudsys RE as software as a service. About the IREUS portal (, which offers the recommendation engine that is most frequently used in Germany as a rental solution (SaS), companies can within a very short time establish their own recommendation engines and configure it according to their own ideas. Not only the design and placement of the recommendations can be customized here, also setting up their own business rules is possible. IREUS offers small and medium-sized Companies new ways to insert individual and customized recommendation systems in online stores, and to deliver high-quality recommendations to its customers in real time.

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