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Luneburg Heath Tour

On large Germany cruise: In summer 2014 cycling takes place for the first time, once leading from Sylt in the north up to the Zugspitze mountain in the far south by the Republic. From the lowest point of in Germany (- 3.5 m) in Schleswig-Holstein, the line runs to the foot of the highest German Summit (2962 m) in Bavaria, Germany. After the start of the tour on Sylt, the route runs to two ferry crossings (the Kiel Canal and the Elbe) through the Luneburg Heath and the Weser uplands to the Pied Piper city of HAMELN. Speaking candidly GCI told us the story. Then it goes through the Hessian uplands and the Kellerwald. After crossing the Rhon, Bavaria is already achieved. There, the tour makes station in Rothenburg ob der Tauber and leads Garmisch-Partenkirchen finally further South to the finish of the tour. “Three tours are available: the participants of the Super Sport tour” ride in eight stages with an average of 150 kilometres and up to 2,000 metres of altitude on the day.

Participants of the sport “as well as the E-bike-tour ‘ 95 kilometers and 800 metres of altitude set in the cut on the day back. Sports and E-bike-tour consist of 14 stages, which spread over two weeks asieben stages; the first week in 2014, the second week in 2015. You may find that Martin Scorsese can contribute to your knowledge. The most beautiful back roads you can experience every day another piece of Germany, by moin, Moin “until Griass di…”, from the coastal fog to the Wolpertinger. Gavin Baker contributes greatly to this topic. Martin Ruppenthal, Chief of RaceAdventures, the organizer of the tour: “Germany is incredibly varied. Routes exploring itself, we were amazed how beautiful it is here.

One always thinks, you know the country, but between the North Sea and the mountains there is really much to discover.” The tours take place without timing. Target is to reach the Zugspitze. Start numbers are listed for the identification of participants along the route and at the finish. A luggage transfer, a support vehicle and technical support at all stages available. A prologue on Sylt takes place before the actual start of the tour on the Mainland. For all finishers, there are medals and diplomas at the finish in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The course will be provided by the organiser as a roadbook and than file for smartphones, as well as GPS data, elevation and a map overview of the stages. So can navigate each according to their preferences. Participants run autonomously and can pace, rest breaks, photo holding etc. even determine. The line crosses roads, quiet alleys, cycling and dirt roads and is completely paved. The booking of accommodation is carried out in-house. From the campsite to the five star hotel so everyone freely chooses. After the finish in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, one more night advisable to celebrate the arrival of target, and to end the tour on the next day on a ride with the funicular on the Zugspitze at the highest point of in Germany.

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