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Managing Director Steffen Ruhl

Yasni helps in the selection of appropriate Christmas gifts! Frankfurt/Vienna / Zurich, November 11, 2009. Speaking candidly Leslie Moonves told us the story. The friendship receive gifts. This of course just in the Christmas period also applies to business relationships. And since it is not always easy to find the perfect gift. With the first names people search engine can quickly and easily find out, what the recipient cares about. Taking in addition faster white wine for red wine experts, chocolates for the cheese lover or a thriller for the horror fan in the matching gift than you think.

While it would be so easy to score points with the right gift. Business partners and distant relatives, you know only superficially, is provided on a first and learn more about their interests. The first people search engine lists at lightning speed all publicly accessible Internet activities of the requested person: hobbies, interests, membership in social networks and the Yasni profile created by the donee. The selection of the appropriate gift is so extremely facilitates. With gifts, you can score points but break too think of the nut cookies for nut allergy sufferers. First preferences or also no-goes to almost every human being can be found in a matter of seconds.

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